What is Organic SEO Work?

The first goal of those who want to exist in the digital field and reach the target audience is to be in the first place in the Google search engine. To achieve this goal, Google ads or organic SEO work is required. In this article, we will try to show you how to apply for Organic SEO work.


What is Organic SEO Work?


The word SEO is the English word Search Engine Optimization used in the agency industry. Its Turkish equivalent means search engine optimization. Organic SEO is a natural work in which all the work is done completely naturally and as it should be, no illegal method is used and completely user-oriented interaction is at the forefront. Let’s examine how we do these natural studies in titles.

How is Organic SEO Work done?

Whether we want to have a corporate site or want to achieve success in the field of e-commerce, the first main element of reaching the goal is that our site should be in the first place in keywords with high search capacity. Organic SEO is a must for this. As you know, although the words with high searches vary according to the sector, Google Ads ad campaigns take 40% to 60% capacity. The remaining capacity is left to the sites on the first page. Especially the first 5 rows attract 80% of this remaining capacity. For this reason, we have no way to get to the first page other than organic SEO work. Before moving on to the part of how to do the studies, we would like to state that patience is the essence of these studies. If we are not patient, we cannot be successful. We shouldn’t rush any work. It is very important to set up each page in detail with SEO analysis. Now let’s explain how to make headlines.


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Domain name purchase and Hosting purchase

Definitely get a domain name suitable for our industry. Don’t bother to have keywords in it. Your choice here should be completely user-oriented. Record a catchy and unique name that anyone can read easily. Don’t waste your time with names that look like other websites’ names.


The hosting side is crucial to the speed of your website. So get a hosting service that is well optimized for your site software to work. If the project is large, you can get it on a virtual server such as VDS / VPS or a direct dedicated server, ie a physical server. Of course, it will make a difference in price. It would make sense to act according to the budget. It is very important that we also get an SSL certificate for our website. It is one of the important SEO criteria.

We strongly recommend that your Hosting service host a private IP. Being on the same ip may indirectly affect you when spammed.

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Site Software Optimization and Determination of Objects


Optimizing the site software is one of the basic rules for organic SEO work. First of all, it is very important that the software works fast and works properly on all devices. Our website must be 100% mobile compatible. It will be very advantageous for us both in terms of search engines and user experience if we enable it to open under 3 seconds as the opening speed.

Whichever sector you are doing business with, by making sector-specific analyzes and designing all our content and category structure according to the words with high search capacity, it will provide you with great advantages in reaching organic traffic in the future. As can be seen in the examples below, it will be very advantageous for us to choose the title according to the analysis, whether it is a product or a blog content.

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After doing these analyzes, it will be very easy to set up the appropriate meta title and meta description. https://yemlihatoker.com/seo-analiz/

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Google Search Console and Google Analytics Registration

It is very important that we keep track of all the traffic of our site. Google has free tools for this. One of them is the Search Console . Through Search Console, we can see all the organic searches of our site in the Google search engine down to the smallest detail. In addition, it is a great advantage that it notifies us of software errors and ensures that we do not fall from the rankings. For this reason, we are making our Search Consol registration first.

In addition, if we want to see the details of all traffic channels from A to Z coming to our site, we need to register with Google Analytics. After we register for free, we can see the details of each person who comes to our site in real-time.

Opening Social Media Accounts

Social media channels are also very important for Organic SEO work. We can promote our site by opening an account to each channel and by sharing in accordance with the target. It will give you the advantage to support the sharing of important categories with small budgets with highlight ads at regular intervals.

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Off-Site Optimization – Backlink Studies

One of the most important things you will do after in-site optimization will be to get backlinks from quality websites that will be a reference to our site. Publishing uniquely written quality articles on sites with original content and high domain authority and getting links over the link texts that trigger the target keywords will give us a great advantage.

The topics we have listed were at the top of what we should do at the basic level. There are actually hundreds of different factors that need to be done and followed. It is very important for these studies to be carried out by professional people for future negative situations. Our advice to you does not entrust your site to amateur people. We recommend that you do not trust people who show temporary hopes.

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