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Violet Chachki is an American drag queen, model, burlesque dancer, and singer. Violet Chachki is the Season 8 winner of Rupaul’s Drag Race and she has won several other shows as well. As a singer, her albums include “Bettie” and “Gagged”.

Early Life and Childhood

Violet Chachki is the stage name of Paul Jason Dardo. Born on June 13, 1992 and is currently 28 years old. Likewise, Violet is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. They are half Ecuadorian and their zodiac sign is Gemini. Paul Jason Dardo began performing as Violet Chachki in drag at the young age of 19.

Jennifer Tilly’s character in the film Bound inspired the name “Violet”, while “chachki” is a variant of the Yiddish word tschottke. It is a small object mainly used for decorations. Speaking about Violet’s education, they enrolled at the Savannah College of Art and Design on the Atlanta campus. They decided to pursue fashion design but later dropped out to focus on drag.

Although there is no information about Violet’s biological family, there is information about her drag family. Her Dag moms are Genre Monster and Dax Exclamationpoint, a Season 8 contestant. Likewise is her drag sister Brigitte Bidet.

professional life

Professionally, Violet Chachki is a drag queen, model and burlesque dancer, as well as a singer. They first performed at Bar LeBuzz in Marietta, Georgia. Back then, Violet used a fake ID to appear on local drag shows. So they finally won Miss new faces at Friends on Ponce in Atlanta. After that, drag queen and Drag Race Season 8 contestant Dax ExclamationPoint (Dax Martin) adopted Violet as her “drag daughter.”

Later, Violet Chachki became a regular cast member of The other show at Bar Jungle, also in Atlanta. This gained Violet local attention and also allowed them to perform with Drag Race Season 5 contestants Alaska Thunderfuck 5000, Amanda Lepore, and Lady Bunny.

Also in 2013 Violet was photographed Legendary Children. This project focused on the Atlanta drag scene and the photographer exhibited the project at Gallery 1526. There were two photos showing Violet’s genitals and gaff. Gaff is an undergarment used to conceal male genitals when they are in the air. However, these photos were covered up after complaints.

Later, this same censorship controversy caught the attention of Vice, the Canadian-American print magazine. Then, in 2014, Violet appeared on the cover of the single Cosplay by Captain Murphy (aka Flying Lotus). Violet also appeared in a commercial for the single Swimming for adults.

Violet Chachki

Caption: Violet Chachki at the 2019 Met Gala. Source: Instagram

From 2015

Violet also took part in the 7th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. They also auditioned for season 6 but were unsuccessful. In this show, Violet excelled in fashion and design challenges. Her challenges centered on aesthetics and self-confidence. On June 1, 2015, Violet won the contest and received a cash prize of $100,000. Violet Chachki is also popular for burlesque performances and aerial photography. These include Aerial Silk and Aerial Hoop.

Then, in January 2017, Violet joined them The Art of Teese. It’s a neo-burlesque show headlined by Dita Von Teese. Additionally, in November 2017, Violet became the first drag queen in a major lingerie ad campaign. it was for Bettie Page lingerie. In January 2018, they also ran for Moschino in their Fall 2018 collection. It was organized at Milan Fashion Week.

Likewise, Violet attended the Met Gala in May 2019, where the theme was Camp: Notes on fashion. For this event, Violet wore a glove-shaped Moschino dress that Jeremy Scott modified. Additionally, in the same year, Violet teamed up with perfume brand Hectic Parfum to release Dirty Violet.

RuPaul’s Drag Race details

Violet was initially unpopular with the other seventh season contestants. This was due to their snobbish attitude. Because of this, they were often picked last for team challenges. Violet has had some troubles with acting and comedy challenges, but has always been close to winning, or actually winning, fashion and performance challenges. We can see it in episode 2, Glamazonian Airwaysin which Violet finished in the top 3.

Just like the drag queen Ginger Minj, Violet also won 3 main challenges. They were in episode 1 “Born Naked”, episode 10 “Prancing Queens” where Violet worked with Katya, and in episode 11 “Hello, Kitty Girls!”. Additionally, Violet was the only one who didn’t have to compete in a lip sync to avoid being eliminated in Season 7. These facts, her striking looks and unwavering confidence made Violet Chachki the seventh winner of “America’s Next Drag”. superstars”.

Violet Chachki

Caption: Violet Chachki appears in the season 8 finale of Rupaul’s Drag Race as the season 7 crown bearer. Source: Amino

music and artistry

On June 2, 2015, Violet released the lead single from the upcoming EP entitled Bettie. They also released their debut EP gagged on June 30, 2015. In May 2018, Violet released her fourth single, titled Much more me. It’s a burlesque track unrelated to an album.

Additionally, Violet Chachki’s style characterizes her obsession with vintage glamour. You have also been referred to as the living embodiment of a 1950s female archetype. Violet has credited designers Christian Dior, Thierry Mugler and John Galliano as inspirations. Likewise, Violet has named style icons like Lady Miss Kier, Dovima, Dita Von Teese and Raquel Welch as inspirations.

told Violet design scene in 2016:

“I think drag itself is kind of a fetish, it’s kind of uncomfortable, and I think bondage and latex are uncomfortable and feel the same way. I think especially when you really feel it and feel your look and are willing to suffer the pain to present yourself the way you want. And I think that’s kind of a fetish. I think it’s almost exhibitionism.”

relationship status

Violet Chachki aka Paul Jason Dardo is most likely single right now. They have not shared any information on the matter, nor have they shared any social media posts that might hint at their current affairs or relationships. Additionally, Paul Jason identifies as sex-specific and he doesn’t mind if people call him “Violet” once he’s off the air.

Violet Chachki

Caption: Violet Chachki is Paul Jason Dardo from drag. Source: Instagram

body measurements

Violet Chachki stands tall on one height of 1.85 meters or 6 feet 1 inch and weighs about 68 kg. Likewise, Violet

Social Media and Wealth

Discussing Violet’s social media presence, they chimed in Twitter in December 2012 and has over 280.9k followers so far. Likewise, her self-titled Instagram name boasts 1,731 post shares and 1.8 million followers at the time of writing this bio. Violet also has her own Facebook account with over 24.3k followers.

In addition, Violet also has a self-titled YouTube channel. They have garnered 14,146,387 views and 200,000 subscribers since their inception on February 15, 2012. This channel is fun and glamorous, but also a bit historical and educational. We can also contact Violet at [email protected] for further inquiries. In the further course Violet a net worth Estimate from about $1 to $5 million.

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