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Vera Caslavska was an amazing gymnast and Czech sports official from Prague, Czechoslovakia. Vera Caslavska is the winner of a total of 22 international titles between 1959 and 1968.

Early life

Date of birth of Vera Caslavska is 3approx May 1942 and his place of birth is Prague, Czechoslovakia. Vera Caslavska is a Czechoslovak citizen and her zodiac sign is Taurus. Apart from that, there is no other information about Vera Caslavska’s parents, siblings and many more. All this because Vera Caslavska is a private person. What is certain, however, is that Vera Caslavska must have worked very hard from a young age.

Vera Caslavska

Caption: Vera Caslavska at a young age (Source: The Telegraph)


Unfortunately, Vera Caslavska passed away 30th August 2016, in Prague Czech Republic. At the time of her death, Vera Caslavska was just 74 years old. Apart from that, there is no information about the death of Vera Caslavska and much more. On the other hand, Vera Caslavska’s ex-husband Odloil died from his injuries in 1993 and took part in a competition in a Prague discotheque with their child Martin.

career and working life

Vera Caslavska was originally a figure skater and made her international debut in 1958. At that time, Vera won a silver medal in the team competition at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. Vera’s 1stSt International title arose next year at the European Championships of women in artistic gymnastics. There Caslavska won gold on vault and silver on balance beam. 1960 Vera 1St took part in the Summer Olympics, where she won a silver medal along with the Czechoslovak team.

Then Vera won bronze in the all-around at the 1961 European Championships. Caslavska fought for the all-around title in a house at the 1962 World Championships. She was organized only by Larisa Latynina and was the winner of her 1St World Champion title in vault. However, Vera could not take part in the 1963 European Championships in Paris. Between 1964 and 1968, Vera was the winner of nineteen separable gold medals at major international competitions. At the 1964 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, Vera took first place.

There, Caslavska was the winner of the all-around title and received gold medals in the balance beam and vault, as well as an additional silver medal in the team event. Vera then secured her vault title at the 1966 World Championships, becoming the winner of a team gold. At the same time, Vera broke the Soviet monopoly in this event and became an all-around world champion. She then conquered the European Championships in 1965 and 1967, tied all 5 individual titles and scored clear 10s in 1967.


Before the 1968 Summer Olympics, held in Mexico City, Vera relocated her teaching facility due to the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia. As a substitute, Vera recycled potato sacks for weights and tree trunks for beams while keeping fit in the Moravian forests. At the 1968 Summer Olympics, she dominated again, winning all 6 medals. Vera even defended her all-around title and got the additional gold medals on floor, uneven bars and vault as well as 2 silver medals for the squad contest and balance beam.

At the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Vera, along with Larisa Latynina, was the only gymnast to take the gold medal in the tackle at the following Olympics, and also the only gymnast to protect her gold medal in the vault machine. Vera’s use of the “Jarabe tapatío” as music for her stage routine and her subsequent marriage in the city made her a huge celebrity alongside the Mexican gathering.

Protest at the 1968 Olympic Games

Vera’s victory at the 1968 Olympics was particularly touching because of the political chaos in Czechoslovakia. Caslavska had openly expressed her firm opposition to Soviet Communism and the Soviet invasion. In the spring of 1968, she even signed Ludvik Vaculík’s “Two Thousand Words” opt-out policy. To avoid imprisonment, Vera then spent the weeks competing for the Olympics in the mountain town of Šumperk. She also got approval to travel to Mexico City at the last minute. At the Olympics, where she again challenged the Soviet opposition.

There Vera again began to express her opinion. After Vera took the gold medal overall on floor, the umpire’s plate oddly promoted Soviet Larisa Petrik’s starting scores and substituted a tie for the gold medal. All of this happened in the corrections of another very scandalous refereeing decisions that weighed down Vera’s gold on bars. Obviously discouraged and frustrated with the policies favoring the USSR, Vera argued at the time of both medal rituals, turning her head down and away in silence at the time of the playing of the Soviet national anthem.

Caption: Performance by Vera Caslavska at the competition (Source: The Boston Globe)

net worth

Vera Caslavska has certainly made a good fortune throughout her professional career. The estimated net worth by Vera Caslavska is between 1 and 3 million US dollars during her lifetime. Also, Vera Caslavska’s main source of income is her professional career as an artistic gymnast. Participating in numerous competitions and winning most of them, Vera Caslavska has earned many gifts, prizes and fortunes as well. So it is also certain that Vera Caslavska also led a good and lavish life.

relationship status

Shortly before that, the final of the 1968 Olympic Games, the wedding of Vera and Josef Odložil, took place in the Cathedral of Mexico City. Vera’s husband was also an athlete and a silver medalist at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Together, the Czechoslovak couple have a daughter, Radka, and also a son, Martin. Unfortunately, Vera and Josef ended their marriage in 1987. In addition, Vera fell into depression from the age of 15 and only rarely appeared in public after that.

Hopefully, Vera got over her depression and returned to both social and athletic life, coaching newer gymnasts. In 2015, Vera was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Vera Caslavska’s health deteriorated significantly in the summer of 2016, so the Czechoslovakian gymnast died on April 30th August in Prague and died. Apart from that, Vera Caslavska has also never been involved in unwanted rumors and controversial affairs.

Vera Caslavska

Caption: Vera Caslavska with her ex-husband (Source: The Olympians)

body measurement and social media

According to Vera Caslavska’s measurements, she is in good and healthy physical condition and health. Vera Caslavska has it good height of 1.60 m or 5 feet 3 inches. Likewise, the body weight of the Czechoslovak artistic gymnast is 58 kg or 128 lbs. However, there is no further information on Vera Caslavska’s body measurements and shoe size. Vera Caslavska has a fair complexion with two blue eyes and blond hair.

Coming to the social media platforms: Vera Caslavska has never been active on any of the social media platforms. That is, Vera Caslavska has neither an Instagram account, nor a Twitter account, nor Facebook. In fact, the Czechoslovakian gymnast has always been very secretive about her private life. Nevertheless, to this day, Vera Caslavska is very popular among athletes or sports lovers.

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