Twitter thread of most iconic British TV moments of 2020 goes viral

A Twitter thread of the most iconic British TV moments of 2020 has gone viral.

The list, posted by journalist Diyora Shadijanova, includes moments such as when a Mastermind contestant had no idea who Greta Thunberg was and guessed that the environmental activist in the question was called “Sharon”. 

A TV presenter accidentally saying she had seen lots of “doggers” in the park, rather than “dogwalkers”, is also on the thread, along with a scene of “quite possibly the worst acting ever on Emmerdale”.

Videos of Joe Sugg fainting on Bake Off and “When Matt Hancock tried to cry but couldn’t because he is a robot” make appearances, too.

At the time of writing, the thread has 5.8k likes.

Other moments on the list include scenes from I’m a Celebrity, The Masked Singer, The Chase and, of course, Come Dine with Me.

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