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The Norris Nuts is a well-known Australian family vlog YouTube channel. Norris Nuts features surfer Saber Norris and her siblings in a series of comedic vlogs, challenges and other fun videos.


Justin Norris and Brooke Norris are respectively the father and mother of the Norris family. Justin previously owned and ran a swimming school in Newcastle which he has already sold and Brooke was a former junior swimming champion in the past.

The Norris Nuts

Caption: Norris Nuts family photo. Source (Instagram)

Saber Elle Norris or Saber is the eldest of six children. Then come Sockie Norris or Cerrus Norris (born March 13, 2007), Biggy Norris (originally named Coda Cee Norris, born January 30, 2009) and Naz Norris (Naz Bea Norris, born November 8, 2010). The two younger children are Disco (Disco Baz O Norris, born June 20, 2018) and Charm Norris (Charm Zed Norris, born December 9, 2019). They are both much younger than the rest of the Norris Nut family as they were born after the Norris Nuts went viral on YouTube.

Kid’s Educational Bac

The Norris Nuts’ four eldest children are being homeschooled and parents are hoping to do the same for the two younger children. This was stated in one of their videos in which they respond to assumptions made by the #Legends, the name given to The Norris Nuts fandom. They used to go to public school but were often bullied and rejected by other students for being different. This, combined with her hectic YouTube schedules, prompted her to homeschool her children.

Youtube channel

Popular family vlog channel The Norris Nuts launched on June 29, 2014 and has accumulated over 2 billion views to date. The Norris Nuts consists of a total of seven members, including Mama (Brooke Norris), Papa (Justin Norris), Saber Norris and her siblings: Sockie, Biggy, Naz and Disco. The Norris Nuts is the family’s main channel where they upload their vlogs. Besides this channel they have 6 other channels.

The Norris Nuts

Caption: The Norris family play a game in one of their Youtube videos. Source (youtube)

The other six channels include Norris Nuts Do Stuff with videos like twin telepathy and change of clothes, Norris Nuts Gaming with videos where they play different games like Fortnite, Among Us, Roblox etc, Norris Nuts Play Town with baby friendly pretend Play videos made for Disco, Norris Nuts Squad with videos of them completing Game Master challenges, Norris Nuts Clips with videos of their lives to #Legends (keep their fans up to date) and Norris Nuts Cooking with videos From cooking various dishes, the Sockie’s were to die for.

The Norris Nuts were also made famous by the eldest child, Saber Norris’s successful skating and surfing skills. In addition, their videos contain surprises, gifts, music videos, challenges, vlogs and so on. They have seven main songs and some are from birthday parties, challenges and Christmas.

Awards and Nominations

Norris Nuts skills and abilities have earned them multiple awards and medals. The channel received 4 Silver YouTube Play Buttons and 3 Gold YouTube Play Buttons. Justin Norris also won an Olympic bronze medal in the men’s 200-meter butterfly. Likewise, Saber Norris won a silver medal at the X-Games. Also, Biggy Norris has won the Biggest Boogie Eater Award.

net worth

The Norris Nuts obviously make a lot of money and fame from their careers as famous YouTubers. The estimated net worth by The Norris Nuts is $21 million (as of 2021). The family lives a life of luxury and comfort.

relationship status

The Norris Nuts

Justin Norris and his wife Brooke Norris. Source (The Node)

Justin and Brooke are married while there is no further information on the Norris family relationships. However, they have lived a good life with a clean profile. Also, they were not involved in any activities and incidents that could lead to rumors about them.

body measurements social media

Justin has ruddy skin and frizzy hair that is brown in color. Brooke has dark hair and pretty blue eyes. Nazzy has brown hair and green eyes instead of blue. Beyond that, they haven’t revealed any other personal details yet.

The Norris Nuts are active on YouTube, Instagram and Twitter. They currently have 944,000 followers Instagram and over 10,000 followers on Twitter. Also, they surpassed 5.41 million subscribers on their main YouTube channel.

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