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Sham Idrees is a Canadian-English songwriter. Similarly, Sham Idrees is also a YouTuber. Sham Idrees is well known for his prank videos and other daily vlogs.


Sham was born on October 16, 1988. As of now, the YouTuber 32 years old. He was originally born in London, England. His full name is Ehtesham Indrees. He also has 5 siblings of his own, 4 of whom are brothers and 1 is his sister. Although the names of all his siblings are not available at the moment, his eldest brother is named Khuram and his little sister is named Anaa.

The famous singer Zayn Malik is also his cousin. He also moved to Ontario, Canada with his entire family when he was just 10 years old. Sham hasn’t really revealed much about his family details. The names of his parents and similar personal details are not yet known about the YouTuber.


Sham is an educated guy. He pursued all his studies in Canada. It seems like he most likely went to high school in the city where he lived at the time. For his further education he studied marketing. Although he initially chose finance, he later dropped out of college. He received his bachelor’s degree in commerce from the University of Ontario, located in the city where he resided.


He is a professional YouTuber. Sham has his own YouTube channels, namely @Sham Idrees and @Sham Idrees VLOGS. He usually posts his music videos and other entertainment videos on his main channel @Sham Idrees. He has a total of 1.92 million subscribers on his main channel. He also launched his main channel in November 2013. To date, he has posted 428 videos on his channel. Likewise, his secondary channel is @Sham Idrees VLOGS. On his second channel, he has gained a total of 2.17 million subscribers. Also, he has posted 1097 videos on this channel.

He first opened his second channel in 2016. His channel is gaining more and more subscribers every other day. As the name suggests, his second channel is more of a daily vlog platform. Sham’s content is family-friendly and fun. Similarly, he also posts pranks and other challenges on his channel. One of his most popular videos to date is titled Clown Prank (Hilarious Reaction). The video on his channel has 5.7 million views.

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Caption: A thumbnail of one of Sham’s YouTube videos. Source: Youtube

In addition to being a YouTuber, he is also a songwriter and singer. In 2013 he released his very first album entitled London2Paris. Few of the songs written and sung by Sham are truly popular. In fact, his songs are loved by people all over the world. His music career is as successful as his YouTube career. He has also performed his music live at various venues.

net worth

Judging by his social media accounts, Sham Idrees lives quite a luxurious lifestyle. He also owns a few different cars. Although the exact statistics of the YouTuber’s earnings are unavailable at this time, his overall net worth is around 5 million dollars. However, Sham has not revealed the details of his earnings himself for the time being. It seems like he prefers to maintain privacy regarding such information.

relationship status

Sham is married to his beautiful wife Saher, who goes by her social media name queen frog. His wife is also a public figure and appears on Sham’s YouTube channel. Also, she has a very large following on her social media accounts. The couple were recently blessed with their own baby daughter. Her name is Sierra Idrees.

She was born in February 2020. Before his current relationship, he was also married in the past. However, his previous marriage ended in divorce. He also has a daughter from his previous marriage. Her name is Duaa Idrees. He and his wife are currently very happily married.

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Caption: A beautiful photo of Sham with his wife and daughter. Source: Instagram

body measurement and social media

The Canadian-English YouTuber stands 5 feet and 11 inches high. He also has beautiful blue eyes and naturally black hair. Sham also has facial hair that suits him very well. He is physically fit as can be seen in most of his pictures. It also seems like Sham often works to maintain his physical appearance. Also, he has no tattoos on his body so far.

bogus idrees

Caption: Sham poses dashingly in his black suit. Source: Instagram

Sham Idrees is very active on social media platforms. He actively uses such platforms as YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. His Twitter handle is @Shamidrees. He has a total of 191.7k followers on his Twitter account. The YouTuber first joined the Twitter community in April 2011 Instagram Username is @Shamidrees. He has accumulated a total of 1.3 million followers so far. Sham has posted 187 posts to his feed so far. He also has 2 YouTube channels where he regularly posts videos.

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