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Romeo Lacoste is a talented celebrity tattoo artist, social media personality and also YouTuber. Romeo Lacoste also owns a tattoo parlor in LA and is planning to open another tattoo parlor in Japan starting immediately. Likewise, he was also present in the most famous tattoo reality shows “Best Ink”.

Early life

Date of Birth of Romeo Lacoste is 19th January 1989 and her place of birth is Montreal, Canada. The age of the artist is thirty two years old from 2021 and his sun sign is Capricorn. Likewise, Romeo is a native Canadian and follows the Christian religion. He is the eldest child of her parents and has five siblings. One of his brothers is Mickey, a famous YouTube star and also a musician.

Lacoste has Mickey’s sketch tattooed on the upper arm. Unfortunately, there is no further information about Romeo’s parents and childhood. The artist went to California, where he completed his schooling. The tattoo artist once wanted to be a professional wrestler as he also enjoys watching MMA and WWE.

Romeo Lacoste

Caption: Romeo Lacoste with his brother (Source: We Heart It)

career and working life

At the time of his school days, Romeo loved art and painting and even wanted to be an artist. After turning fifteen, Romeo took his talent to the next level, combining essentials in his depictions, which brought an original aspect to his art. The tattoo artist also began to focus on the depth and specificity of his images, which eventually led him into the tattoo world. At the age of seventeen he got his 1St Tattoo of a skunk.

In fact, Romeo tattooed himself, which motivated him to make it his full-time job. In the first 2 years, Romeo tattooed several clients who were mesmerized by his amazing tattoo work. In 2009, the tattoo artist created his YouTube channel called Winter Dreams. This helped him gain some popularity after posting several videos of his own tattoos. Since Romeo wanted to be more successful, he became a famous tattoo artist.

Another reason to be a famous tattoo artist is that they can bring his art to their coffins. Lacoste gained popularity after being sold in WW3approx season of tattoo reality show Best Ink. It is a talent hunting show whose main purpose is to find skilled tattoo artists and it was released on Oxygen TV channel. As expected, Lacoste used his presence on the show very perfectly to gain recognition. Even the show’s judges loved Romeo’s vibrant tattoos, which told a whole story with just one design.

More about his career

Romeo was then present in a few episodes but was removed in the 8thth Consequence. Shortly after returning home, Romeo opened his own tattoo parlor called California Dream Tattoo in North Hollywood, Los Angeles. With his knowledge of combining a lounge with a tattoo studio, the tattoo artist once again brought something original to the counter. Lacoste was then created with the intention that its customers could enjoy the whole experience along with getting a tattoo.

After that, the fame of the tattoo artist began to grow massively. In fact, the popular celebrities and personalities could recognize the arts and talents of Romeo Lacoste. Lacoste was over the moon when he received the news that famous singer Justin Bieber wanted a tattoo of him. After tattooing for Justin Bieber, he even did some tattoos for other famous celebrities like Ariana Grande, Soulja Boy and Kirstin Maldonado. Every celebrity praised Romeo Lacoste for his amazing skills.

In fact, Kristin was shocked to realize his incredible skill after sketching the design directly onto her finger without outlining it. There is also a video on his YouTube channel of Kirstin being tattooed by Romeo. The artist has also uploaded more videos to his channel. In addition, Romeo Lacoste was also present in the Tattoo Pain Game series, a competitive game show. Romeo’s other game show is Tattoo Roulette, which Disney is a producer of. There, Lacoste throws its visitors exceptionally tough tasks and if they achieve victory, they would get a free tattoo.

Romeo Lacoste

Caption: Romeo Lacoste inking his client (Source: Instagram)

net worth

Romeo Lacoste has made an impressive amount of money from his professional career. As of 2018, Romeo Lacoste’s net worth was around $750,000. Romeo Lacoste’s newer ones net worth is around 900,000. The main source of Romeo Lacoste is his amazing professional career as a tattoo artist. Also, the tattoo artist earns a lot of money from his lounge which he has prepared through his hard work.

relationship status

Romeo Lacoste was in a romantic relationship with Instagram personality Gigi Angelica Marie. The beautiful couple started dating in 2015. There is no doubt that the couple was truly in love that Romeo even got a tattoo of Gigi’s likeness to represent his love for her. Likewise, the couple has also been very open about their relationship on social media platforms and used to frequently update their pictures and videos together. The last post from Romeo Lacoste and his girlfriend about their togetherness was on Gigi’s Twitter account.

There, Lacoste carried a small pet that his girlfriend refers to as her “little girl.” However, the couple could not continue their relationship and separated for personal reasons that have not been clarified. Following the couple’s split, Romeo’s former girlfriend was dating another man on her Instagram account in June 2019. On the other hand, Romeo Lacoste has never been this close to another girl. So there is a high probability that Romeo Lacoste is currently in it Singles.

Romeo Lacoste

Caption: Romeo Lacoste with his ex-girlfriend (Source: Twitter)

body measurement

As for the tattoo artist’s body measurements, Romeo appears to be a fit and very healthy personality. Lacoste has a good one height of 6 feet 3 inches or 193 cm or 1.93 m. Similarly, Romeo Lacoste has a suitable body weight of about 85 kg or 187 lbs. The body measurements of the tattoo artist are 40 inches, 30 inches and 35 inches.

Also, Lacoste wears a shoe size of 12 (US) and the size of his biceps is 14 inches. In addition, Romeo has a fair complexion with brown eyes and dark brown hair. Since Romeo Lacoste is a tattoo lover and tattoo artist, he has several tattoos on his body.

social media

Regarding the tattoo artist’s presence on social media platforms, he has been very active there. Romeo Lacoste uses Instagram, Facebook and also Twitter. At Instagram, Romeo has gained 2.1 million followers and on his Facebook page he has 44,000 followers.

The tattoo artist has a Twitter account with few followers but is no longer active on his Twitter account. In addition, the tattoo artist even has his own YouTube channel with his own name “Romeo Lacoste”. As of May 2021, Romeo Lacoste has already gained 908,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

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