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Roger Stone is a lobbyist, author, strategist and policy advisor from Norwalk, USA. Roger Stone has been involved in several political campaigns and also conducts operational research on the Republican Party.

Early life

Roger Joseph Stone Jr. is the political consultant’s full name and is half Hungarian, half Italian. Stone’s birthday 27th Aug 1952 and his place of birth is Norwalk, Connecticut, US. He is currently 68 years old. Roger’s parents’ names are Roger Joseph Stone and Gloria Rose. The author came from a Catholic middle-class family. Roger’s mother worked part-time as a local news reporter, while his father was a good driller and small business owner.

Shortly after Roger’s birth, his family moved to New York City. At this point 2nd World War II had just ended and the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States had begun. Then Roger also became interested in politics from elementary school. When John F. Kennedy became the presidential candidate in 1960, Stone began sponsoring him at his school, even though most of his friends were not eligible to vote.

As for education, Roger Stone first attended high school in New York. During Roger’s junior year, he once served as vice president of student administration. Additionally, Roger volunteered for Barry’s presidential campaign in 1964. However, he stated in 2007 that despite his tradition, he had libertarian leanings. Roger then attended Georgetown University. By the early 1970s, Stone had already developed friendly relationships with several Republican Party figures.

Roger Stone

Caption: Roger Stone at a young age (Source: Instagram)

career and working life

First, Roger asked Jeb Magruder to help him get a job in the Republican Party. Jeb then helped Roger and got him a job on the Richard Nixon Committee. After that, he started working there permanently after finishing college. In a short time, Roger embarked on numerous campaigns to secure Nixon’s secondnd success in the presidential elections. Stone soon became the darling of members of the Republican Party. He didn’t even appear to have done anything illegal, although his numerous activities were considered fraudulent.

The Richard Nixon Foundation later clarified that Stone’s allegation appearance was as Nixon’s advisor and stated that he was only a part-time member of the party. However, after some time Stone was found to be working as Nixon’s chief adviser as “his man” in Washington, DC. However, when Stone was accused a number of times in 2019, the “Nixon Foundation” parted ways with Stone, repeating claims of only membership. After winning the election, Nixon was appointed to the Office of Economic Opportunity.

Roger then began serving for “Republican Party” leader Bob Dole after Nixon resigned as President of the United States. After a newspaper article appeared calling Roger a “filthy scammer,” he was fired. He then declared that he was not involved in the “Watergate scandal” that provoked President Nixon’s resignation. In 1980, Stone supported the presidential candidate Ronald Reagan in his election campaign. Reagan became the fortieth President of the United States.

More about his career

Roger even placed the foundation of a lobbying and policy advice organization in Washington, DC. They then fascinated numerous customers with their connection to the “White House”. The organization grew into one of the largest American companies in its field. In 1992, the firm went through an indictment over the scandalous Willie Horton ads distributed in support of George HW Bush at the time of his 1988 presidential campaign.

After that the company was sold. In 1996, Stone also faced more criticism for posting ads critical of himself and his wife seeking sexual partners. Then Stone resigned from Bob Dole’s presidential campaign. Stone then stressed that the ads were reliable. For a number of years, Stone served as a political advisor to several minor and major elections. In February 2012, Roger stated that he was not from the “Republican Party” and was also a libertarian.

Roger welcomed that 2016 would bring an end to the “Republican Party” and the “Libertarian Party” would grow to take its place. Prior to that, Stone worked with Donald Trump for a number of years as a lobbyist for Trump’s casino. Trump then recruited him for his 2016 campaign. However, in late 2015, Roger stopped serving for the campaign. Trump said Stone was fired when he accepted his resignation. But Roger Stone still supported Trump.

A bit more

At the time of the 2016 campaign, Stone was banned from appearing on several major television networks after making some derogatory statements about television news characters. Despite all these allegations, Roger resumed lobbying for Trump. He promoted several conspiracy philosophies and false statements about Hillary Clinton and her ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. He accused Hillary of receiving offers from a Chinese billionaire, Guo Wengui.

After an investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election campaign ended, his two associates turned on him, saying he had ties to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. The allegations said they were working to embarrass Hillary Clinton, but Assange and Stone disagreed with the statements. Research also confirmed that Stone had used thousands of fake “Facebook” accounts and blogs to validate Trump’s success.

Roger Stone

Caption: Roger Stone gives an interview (Source: Instagram)

net worth

Roger Stone has made an impressive net worth throughout his professional career. the net worth by Roger Stone must be around $5 million as of 2021. Likewise, Roger Stone’s salary is around $58,000 which he earned through his hard work. In fact, Roger Stone’s main source of income is his job as an author, lobbyist, strategist and even a political consultant.

Relationship status and scandal

Roger Stone is a married man and his first wife’s name is Anne Elizabeth Wesche. It was in 1974 that the couple married and sadly divorced in 1990. In 1992, the political advisor became the husband of Nydia Bertran. Roger Stone has one child from his first marriage and none from his other marriage. Since Roger Stone has kept his love life secret, there is no further information about his love life.

Also on the 25thth In January 2019, Roger Stone was arrested on charges of interfering with witnesses and obstructing a confirmed event. He was also accused of creating untrue proclamations to insult public figures. Roger Stone was born on April 7thth time and then sentenced to forty months in prison.

Roger Stone

Caption: Roger Stone with his wife (Source: BBC)

body measurement

Speaking of Roger Stone’s body measurements, he’s got it good height by 5 feet 11 inches or 180 cm. Roger Stone also has a suitable body weight of around 78 kg or 170 lbs. Likewise, Roger’s biceps size is 14 inches and he wears a shoe size 9 (US). Roger Stone’s body measurements are 40 inches, 34 inches and 35 inches. In addition, Roger Stone also has a fair complexion with a pair of brown eyes and white short hair.

social media

Coming to the social media part, Roger Stone has been quite active there for a long time. Roger Stone has one Instagram account and a Twitter account. The American author has gained more than 3,000 followers on Instagram. Roger Stone’s Twitter account has also been suspended. Roger Stone also has his own YouTube channel called “Roger Stone”. As of June 2021, Roger Stone has gained 3.91 thousand subscribers.

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