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Richard Wershe Jr. is a convicted drug dealer and former informant for the FBI. Richard Wershe Jr. gained media attention after a film based on him, White Boy Rick, was released.

Early Life and Childhood

Richard Wershe Jr. was born on July 18, 1969 in Michigan ad is currently 51 years old. His father’s name is Richard Wershe Sr. and his mother’s name is Darlene McCormick. He also has an older sister named Dawn. Richard came from a lower-middle class family. When he was only 5 years old, his parents decided to separate. So he and his sister decided to live with their father. They lived in a small brick house on Hampshire Street off Dickerson Avenue.

Later, when he turned 12, he stayed with his mother for a short time. In addition, his mother was remarried. And he didn’t particularly like his stepfather. After a year he moved back to his father. So he went to the local school. But in 1985 he dropped out of college.

career and working life

Richard Wershe Jr. was implicated in a crime by a criminal named Terrence Bell. He was in a relationship with her sister. Both of Wersher Sr.’s children got in the way of the crime. Dawn took crack cocaine. Also, Wershe Jr. is accompanied by Bell. The Curry brothers controlled the drug business. That’s how he first met Rudell “Boo” Curry. He is the younger brother of Leo and Johnny. Hence Richard also enjoyed the lavish lifestyle.

Richard Wershe Jr.

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Later in the 1980s, America witnessed a war on drugs battling a new enemy, crack cocaine. Also, Wershe Sr. contacted the FBI to save his children. In 1984, the FBI came to their home and began showing pictures of the Curry brothers. Wershe Jr. recognized him, but his father didn’t. In addition, Richard became an informant for the FBI. At that time he was only 14 years old.

Richard Wershe Jr. was being paid for his work and the money was flowing. He was making more money and he was enjoying it. His connection to the Curry family helped gather the information. He knew the drug activists in his neighborhood and across town. At that time, Johnny was one of the most powerful drug lords. Though young, he proved invaluable to the FBI. He often spends time with the brothers and gathers information. They suspected nothing.

Career as an FBI informant

By the time Richard turned 15, he was spending nights in clubs and skipping school. He also collected information for the FBI. Through him, the FBI cracked down on drug dealers. And also seized hundreds of millions of dollars, guns and cocaine. According to the FBI, Richard was the most productive informant for the agency.

Richard was later shot in the stomach by one of Johnny’s associates. So an ambulance called, imploring the man. He soon recovered and appeared to the Curry brothers. He didn’t tell the authorities anything. It also earned him street cred, in their eyes. Later he became even closer to them. After the incident, he stopped working with the FBI. He still met with the FBI but never revealed the information.

In April 1985, Richard received a fake ID and $15,000 from the FBI. So that he could continue the job as an informant. The FBI later arrested the Curry brothers and many of their associates. Therefore, the case was built as information against them.

Career after the whistleblower

After the Curry brothers were arrested, the FBI no longer needed Richard. He has a choice of going back to school or taking to the streets. He later decided to become a drug dealer. Also, Richard brought cocaine from a Miami-based supplier called Art Derrick. In May 1987 he was arrested and charged with possession of 8 kilos of cocaine. He was then sentenced to life imprisonment. The case was revisited in 1998. In addition, Richard was granted the chance of parole.

In addition, Richard continued to help the FBI. He played the role in Operation Backbone. Thanks to him, the FBI managed to arrest several corrupt Detroit police officers. He was later convicted again of involvement in a car theft ring. Mow, he’s the reception and medical center for the state penitentiary.

net worth

Richard Wershe Jr. worked as an informant for the FBI and made a lot of money. In addition, he has enjoyed a lavish life as a drug dealer. Therefore, Richard’s estimated net worth is not yet known. Between lives, he has certainly lived a lavish life.

Personal life

Richard Wershe Jr. is having an affair with Johnny’s wife, Cathy Volcan. According to the sources, he was no longer in a relationship after that. And Richard is unmarried and not single. He’s probably enjoying his single life.

rumors and controversies

Richard Wershe Jr. is not a social media personality. He came to attention after a film was made about his life. Therefore, there are no rumors that have circulated about him. And Richard was not involved in controversy.

body measurement and social media

Richard Wershe Jr. is very tall and huge. Richard is standing 6 feet 2 inches (188 cm) tall. And he weighs about 79 kg (174 lbs). He has blue eyes and blonde hair color. But mostly you see him bald. Further information on Richard’s body measurements will therefore not be disclosed.

Richard Wershe Jr. spent half his life in prison. Also, Richard is not active on any social media accounts. That’s why he now preferred to make his life more beautiful than to be active on social media.

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