PVC Edge Bands

There is a high demand and need for the use of PVC edge bands in the production and application areas of today’s modern world. PVC edge bands, which can be encountered in all areas, with their use increasing day by day in recent years, provide extremely high-quality standards at every point and surface where they are applied. Especially since it provides a significant increase in terms of product functionality and product life thanks to its high durability, it is used in many different areas. PVC edge band products are widely used in many different sectors today. However, edge bands are mainly used in the furniture industry. Likewise, in the PVC industry, edge bands are used to give products aesthetic visuality and at the same time to provide protection and durability.


Thanks to its structural features, PVC edge bands, which can be easily applied on any surface and on any product, can be used in any required area. Since it has different usage areas, a wide range of action is taken at the production point of PVC edge bands. It is very important to ensure full compatibility at every point of use or application. Therefore, at the point of production of edge band products, alternatives with different features in terms of width, length and thickness are offered. In this way, it can be used to achieve full compatibility at every point. At the same time, the fact that it has a self-adhesive feature allows it to be applied practically on any surface easily desired by everyone.

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