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Polina Astakhova was a Ukrainian gymnast from the Soviet Union. Polina Astakhova won ten gold medals at the 1956, 1960 and 1964 Summer Olympics.

Early life

Polina Grigoryevna Astakhova was born on October 30, 1936, in Zaporizhia, Ukrainian SSR. Her family had to move several times during World War II. They later landed in the polar city of Severouralske. Likewise, the name of Polina’s parents is not known. And there is no information about Astakhova’s educational background.

Astakhova became interested in artistic gymnastics at the age of 13. She built interest after watching the Donetsk Gymnastics Championships. So Polina was trained in the local gymnastics club Shakhtyor. It was under Vladimir Alieksandrovitch Smirnov.


And Polina continued to die Aug 6, 2005 in Kiew. Polina was just 68 years old while she died. In addition, the reason for her death was pneumonia.


The Russian birch is the nickname Polina has earned in Western countries for her extraordinary grace. She was later dubbed Madonna by Italian journalists at the 1960 Olympics. Polina was at the top of many international and national competitions between 1956 and 1966, most notably Polina Astakhova on uneven bars. Between 1955 and 1968 Polina was a member of the USSR team.

In 1954, Astakhova took part in the USSR championships for the first time. In the same year, she was included in the USSR national team at the 1956 Summer Olympics. Therefore, Polina was the youngest team member and contributed to the team’s gold. Polina in the all-around, at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Unfortunately, she lost a whole point for a fall on the beam.

Polina Astakhova

Caption: Polina Astakhova during her performance. Source (Instagram)

It was also the seventh routine out of eight competitions. Later, Polina Astakhova did not even compete that year. She also won gold in Rome in the team competition and on parallel bars. And also silver on the floor and bronze all around. So she recovered at the European Championships in 1961. Polina also won gold medals on parallel bars and beam. At the 1964 Summer Olympics, Polina also took part.

Later, Polina Astakhova contributed to the team’s gold and also won on parallel bars. She also placed second on floor and third in the all-around. Likewise, Polina was the first gymnast to defend her Olympic gold medal on the uneven bars. So, in 2000, Svetlana Khorkina equaled the feat of Polina. And Aliya Mustafina took on Polina in 2016. Later, in 1972, she retired and worked as a national team coach in Ukraine. In 2012, Polina was in the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

achievements and net worth

Polina Astakhova had built a successful career as a gymnast. That is why she took part in various Olympic Games. In addition. Polina had received a number of medals. Undoubtedly, Polina earned a lot of money. Probably, Polina lived a lavish and luxurious life. Polina has set many records in gymnastics. Polina owns 10 medals at Summer Olympics. And 5 of them are gold, 2 silver, 3 bronze.

Personal life

Polina Astakhova did not reveal any information about her personal life. Astakhova was very private when it came to her personal life. Likewise, Polina Astakhova was not part of rumors and controversies. People have always appreciated Plona for her contribution to gymnastics. Polina settled her personal and professional life. Likewise, people remember Polina Astakhova.

Body measurement and social media

Polina Astakhova was very beautiful and pretty. So stood Polina 5 feet 5 inches tall (166 cm/ 1.66 m). And Polina Astakhova weighs about 56 kg (9123 lbs). In addition, Polina has blonde hair color. Polina Astakhova was very flexible and kept her physics.

Polina Astakhova is not active on any social media platforms. Undoubtedly there were no platforms at that time. So there are no social media accounts of Polina Astakhova.

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