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Pamela Northam is popular as the American First Lady of Virginia, educator, advocate and environmentalist. Pamela Northam is also considered the wife of 73approx Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

Early life

Pamela Northam was born in the year 1963, in Richmond, Virginia, United States of America. As of 2021, the age of the American First Lady is Virginia fifty eight years old. Pamela Northam is an American by birth and has followed the Christian religion since birth. Likewise, the American lawyer is of Caucasian descent. She has a nickname and it’s Pam.

As for Pamela Northam’s educational background, she is evidently a high school senior. To earn the degree, Pamela Northam went to Baylor University and also to the University of Texas. Northam studied in the field of pediatric occupational therapy where she has even worked for rehabilitation clinics, teaching hospitals and even special education.

Pamela Nordham

Caption: Pamela Northam with her husband and child when she was young (Source: Twitter)

career and working life

Pamela Northam pursues her professional career as a behavioral therapist, teacher and environmental activist. Pamela Northam is also more of a behavior therapist than a former biology teacher and elementary school teacher. After becoming the First Lady of Virginia, Pamela Northam served in the position of environmental activist at a non-profit organization, Lynnhaven River Now.

Pamela Northam also serves on the board of trustees of the Science Museum of Virginia and the advanced E3 School in Norfolk. Northam has also worked as the Community Outreach Coordinator for a non-profit ecological group, Lynnhaven River NOW (LRN). Here Pamela Northam oversaw activism and outreach plans for landowners, believers and businesses to help them provide more support. The American First Lady of Virginia has also served as Gov. Terry McCauliffe’s junior commissioned officer.

A bit more

Pamela told NBC12 regarding their relationship, saying, “She’s a great teacher, she gave me all the great pointers and I can only hope to aspire to what she’s done.” Before Pamela Northams’ captivating office Husband Pam and Dorothy McAuliffe met to discuss the change. Pam told the Washington Post: “We ended up talking about politics and how to move the needle. We found out two hours later that we hadn’t talked about typical first lady things.”

The article even detailed Pam’s strategy for showing Dorothy McAuliffe’s boss positions on what kind of first lady she wanted to be. In January 2019, The Washington Post described that Pam had contributed along with Virginia delegate Kathy Tran. It was while she received a lactation position at the Virginia State Capitol. Despite the fact that Pamela’s husband was a gubernatorial elect in Virginia, Pamela did an interview along with NBC12.

Though she went on to say she didn’t really fall in love with the Governor until he designed a breathing apparatus to save the life of her cat, Lamont, according to a feature on Pam told the website: “He brought tools from his NICU and together we built a feeding apparatus. He saved my kitten named Lamont who lived with us for many years after that. Who could resist such an awesome guy?” Pam went on to say that the family has been adopting animals from shelters on an ongoing basis ever since.

Pamela Nordham

Caption: Pamela Northam joins her husband at an event (Source: AP News)


Outside of Pamela Northam’s professional life and career, she enjoys reading various types of books. Pamela Northam loves movies and her favorite stars are Robert Downey Jr. and Jennifer Aniston. Pamela Northam’s favorite color is red and her favorite food is Italian. The American First Lady of Virginia also travels frequently and her favorite holiday destination is Paris.

net worth

Pamela Northam has made an amazing amount throughout her professional career. Recently, Pamela Northam has an impressive net worth of around $56 million. Previously, Pamela Northam had a net worth of around $4.65 million. On the other hand, Pamela Northam’s husband Ralph Northam’s net worth is around $200 million. Pamela’s spouse also has a salary of around $175,000. In addition, the couple lives in a luxurious mansion together with their family.

relationship status

Pamela Northam is a happily married woman and her husband’s name is Ralph Northam. The couple’s marriage took place in 1987. Together, Ralph Northam and Pamela Northam are parents of two children and are named Aubrey Northam and Wes Northam. Her child, Wes, is a neurosurgeon while her other child, Aubrey, is a web developer in Richmond, Virginia.

Wes also completed his residency at UNC-Chapel Hill. It was revealed that Pamela Northam first met Ralph Northam when the couple were in San Antonio for study. She then said she was at a pool party that was supposed to be her blind date. Pamela defined a state where she challenged twenty other women at the party for Ralph, but Pam said she “got the rose.”

Speaking to NBC12 at the time Pamela Northam was on the campaign trail, Pamela Northam highlighted her spouse’s faith in education: “Ralph and I understand the need for early childhood development and I think that’s where I really get to work. and provide more access to quality early childhood education, whether it’s cars or education, all the things that come with that.”

Pamela Nordham

Caption: Pamela Northam with her family (Source: Instagram)

body measurement

According to Pamela Northam’s body measurements, she has a very fit and healthy body. Pamela Northam has an average height of 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm or 1.68 m. Likewise, the American First Lady of Virginia has a slim body type, weighing around 60 kg or 132 lbs. Pamela Northam’s body measurements are 34 inches, 28 inches and 35 inches. Also, Pamle Northam’s bra size is 33 B and she wore a shoe size 8 (US). In addition, Pamela Northam has a light complexion with two blue eyes and brown short hair.

social media

Speaking of Pamela Northam’s presence on social media platforms, she’s been quite active there. Pamela Northam has one Instagram account, a Twitter account and even a Facebook page. In fact, there are two officials responsible for Pamela Northam, one from her personal perspective and one who is the American First Lady of Virginia. On Twitter, Pamela Northam has managed to garner more than 8,000 followers. Likewise, Pamela Northam has 4.5 thousand followers on her Facebook page. In addition, Pamela Northam has several fansites made by her fans and followers.

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