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Nif Brascia is a martial artist and amazing kickboxer who hails from Thailand. Nif Brascia is better known as the wife of Italian footballer Boity Moise Kean (Moise Kean).

Early life

Nif Brascia was born in Thailand and is a normal citizen there. Since Nif Brascia has been very secretive about her private life, there are not even details about her date of birth and family. Nif Brascia is a trained martial artist and kickboxer who has tanned her since childhood. Brascia used to train a lot and was very tough because he was raised by her father. At the age of 11, Nif Brascia was brought to Italy.

From there, Nif Brascia started her journey, initially with a high school diploma or a degree in fitness training. In addition to kickboxing and martial arts, Nif Brascia wanted to learn more and went to a fashion school to do so. Since then, Nif wanted to be a fashion designer. This means that Nif Brascia worked very hard from a young age to become a stunning kickboxer and martial artist.

career and working life

Professionally, Nif Brascia is one of the most popular knockout kickboxers and is related to Moise Kean. The martial artist has worked in multiple places including health clubs, martial arts centers and also workrooms. Coming from AC Milan, Nif has been featured in several Italian media outlets. In fact, Nif Brascia has also been featured in various Thai media as Thailand is her mother country. Nif Brascia was known for her sporty and daring existence and as a friend of Moise Kean.

Also, Nif Brascia is known as a model who has worked for numerous swimwear brands. Before Nif Brascia became famous, she uploaded various pictures on her Instagram account, and it all starts in 2012. Then Nif Brascia again uploaded more posts on Instagram showing her relationships and progress. Brascia has already won 2 junior world titles in muay thai and is undefeated in more than fifty fights. Nif Brascia trained hard to become a kickboxer but she said:


“I didn’t like it that much at first, but my father, who is also my coach, convinced me not to give up and now the results are coming.” In addition, Nif Brascia is a born model who has a very suitable body shape, to be a model. Nif and her body are so gorgeous that some of her kickboxing opponents keep mistaking her for a true sculptor. The martial artist was disorderly as a model while challenging at world championships. Nif states that she is undefeated in more than fifty kickboxing matches.

In 2016, Brascia also told Sportal that she practiced taekwondo while in her country. She explained, “Taekwondo is one of the most systematic and scientific traditional Korean martial arts, teaching more than just physical combat skills.” However, after coming to Italy, Nif made the decision to change her martial arts discipline as there were no gyms near her. Nif’s father starts her lifestyle in martial arts as she previously said: “In the beginning I didn’t like it very much but my father who is also my trainer convinced me not to give up and now the results are coming. ”

Nif Brascia

Caption: Nif Brascia’s picture from her photoshoot (Source: Premier League News Now)

net worth

Nif Brascia has made a lot of money from her professional career as a model, kickboxer and martial artist. However, Nif Brascia herself has never revealed anything about her net worth and salary to date.

On the other hand, Nif’s husband Moise Kean has a staggering net worth of €17million or £15.4million. Moise Kean also earns about $3 million in salary. No wonder the couple live a happy and luxurious life together.

relationship status

Nif Brascia is a happily married woman to whom she is very popular. Nif Brascia’s husband’s name is Moise Kean who is a professional soccer player. The couple first met at a midnight club in Milan. It was several years after Nif Brascia left for Italy.

Immediately after meeting, Nif and Moise feel for each other and start dating. Nif and Moise have been in a romantic relationship for a long time. There is no further information about the love life of the athlete couple. But what is certain is that Nif Brascia and Moise Kean have been living happily together for a long time. Even after being husband and wife for some time, they do not have any children together for the time being.

Until now, Nif and her husband live a peaceful life in Italy. In addition, Nif Brascia has stayed out of media concern as much as possible. So this is also one of the reasons why Nif Brascia has never been caught up in unwanted controversies and rumours.

Nif Brascia

Caption: Nif Brascia with her husband (Source: Premier League News Now)

body measurement

Speaking of Nif Brascia’s physical stats, she has been a very healthy and strong woman since childhood. Since Nif Brascia works out every day and does exercises every day, it helps her whole body and mentality to stay strong. Nif Brascia appears to be a good size with reasonable body weight.

However, there is no exact information about Nif Brascia’s body measurements, shoe size, etc. What is certain, however, is that Nif Brascia has a curvy and slim body type with a light complexion. In addition, the martial artist has a pair of brown eyes and long brown hair.

social media

As for the social media part, Nif Brascia has been quite active on all social media platforms. Nif Brascia has one Instagram, a Twitter account and even a Facebook page where she has thousands of followers. On her Facebook page, Nif has already accumulated 2.9 thousand followers.

She also has less than a hundred followers on her Twitter account. Likewise, there are 23,000 followers on Nif Brescia’s Instagram account. On the other hand, Nif Brascia’s husband Moise Kean has also been quite active on social media platforms.

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