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Max Fosh is prominently a young British comedy YouTuber best known as StreetSmart. Max Fosh is also a great radio host, video producer and social media standout.

Early Life and Childhood

Max Fosh was further born as Maximilian Arthur Fosh April 3, 1995 in West London to Matthew Fosh and Helena Wilhelmina van Der Kun. He was his parents’ second child and his zodiac sign is Aries. As of now in 2022, he is 27 Year old. According to media sources, he was born into an established Christian family, so he follows Christianity.

His father Matthew Fox was an athlete, an English first-class left-handed cricketer who played about 30 games for Cambridge University, combined universities and Essex between 1976 and 1978, who was very popular and popular throughout.

We have not been able to get precise information on his mother, but sources say she was later married to Sir John Auld Mactaggart. Max Fosh has a strong bond with his sister, Talitha Fosh, who is a member of the British Association Counseling and a Psychotherapist.

In one of his interviews, he mentioned that he felt blessed to have a supportive and benevolent family. He completed his schooling at Harrow School in London, England and received his bachelor’s degree from Newcastle University in the UK.

Max Fosh training

Caption: Max Fosh during graduation day. Source: Instagram

career and working life

Although he created his YouTube channel a month ago in January 2016, we can say that he started YouTube as a career after graduating in 2017. He created a channel called StreetSmart.

He uploaded the content about the street consultation with outsiders, which attracted many witnesses who took his YouTube startup to the best level. Later, in 2019, he joined Max Fosh.

He then started creating some authentic content that intentionally increased his subscriber count by the end of the year. His fans are crazy about his content which has successfully attracted a lot of viewers.

More about his professional life

According to some relevant sources, he announced his race to stand in the City of London mayoral election in March 2021 via his social media and it has been said that if he wins the election he will have a whopping $19 billion budget for development London’s will have.

He also has a large following on Instagram of 105,000 and around 497,000 on TikTok, an established media platform where every user can show and explore their skills and talents. And one of the videos entitled “I became the richest man in the world in 7 minutes” has 3.2 million views.

Max Fosh interview

Caption: Max Fosh during an interview. Source: Instagram

He’s worked with people, he’s actually a fan of The Sidemen, Happy Hour Podcast, The Zac and Jay Show, Bambinobecky, Ciaran Carlin, Robbie Knox and Ellbat, and VYB. A video filmed in February 2018 featuring Zac and Jay went viral, racking up 50,000 subscribers overnight. His large following appreciates his content, photos and unique posts.

Casey Neistat and Yes Theory are his YouTube icons. Your content really inspires a lot of people in their career building. We can say that work hard and play hard is a theory.

Max Fosh Podcast

Caption: Max Fosh during a podcast. Source: Instagram


He won Best Newcomer at the 2017 National Hospital Radio Awards for his successful collaboration with Radio Tyneside. He formed an association called Unlimited Cash Ltd. However, later he decided to close it, the reason for the closure of the company is not mentioned yet. Various reports mentioned that he managed to become the richest person in the world for 7 minutes. His net worth was almost twice that of Tesla founder Elon Musk.

His YouTube video describing how he started his business went viral. It’s one of the videos after surpassing Elon Musk’s net worth: ‘I Became The Richest Man Alive In 7 Minutes’ became a worldwide trending video. He has a benevolent meeting with many YouTube celebrities. Along with Niko Omilana, a famous comedian, YouTuber and vlogger.

Max Fosh power

Caption: Max Fosh wins a silver play button. Source: Instagram

net worth

An entertaining, enlightened content creator, Max has made a name for himself on social media. He has even collaborated with various commercial brands. He also earns a handsome sum from his YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram account. He leads a wealthy life. Max net worth as of now, 2022 is approximately $900,000. His mass fans appreciate his content, photos, and unique posts, and yes, he’s a handsome guy too.

He has worked with various established brands such as Toyota, Chelsea FC, Adobe, Think!, Marvel, Virgin Media, Jungle Creations, Oreo and Mandible.

Max is enjoying a vacation

Caption: Max Fosh enjoying a holiday with his friends. Source: Instagram

relationship status

According to the information from relevant sources, this young and handsome content creator is not in a relationship. He is single and appears to be focused on his career. He has maintained a normal professional and personal life without a scene of rumors and controversy.

body measurement and social media

Max Fosh is really good looking and attractive Height by 5 feet 9 inches. Its weight of about 65 kg. He has light brown hair with blue eyes that his fans find attractive.

He is a famous YouTube star with 743 subscribers. His comedic and informative videos have attracted many viewers, viewers and subscribers. He has an enormous following on his social media Instagram 105,000 and 497,000 on his official TikTok account and also has nearly 40,000 Twitter supporters.

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