Maverick McNeilly – Bio, Age, Married, Nationality, Body Measurements, Career

Maverick McNeilly is an American TikTok star, music producer and social media star. Maverick McNeilly is famous for appearing on social media sites alongside his social media star wife, Jasmine Chiswell.

Early life

Maverick McNeilly was born in the USA and holds American citizenship. He did not reveal details about his date of birth. Therefore, this personality has also not informed the media about her family and school background. In accordance with his behavior and his achievements, however, he was certainly raised by his parents in a good environment and was well educated.

working life and career

Maverick is a social media star where he does comedy clips. This personality has gained popularity thanks to the TikTok video sharing platform. Hence, he is well known not only in the lip syncing app but also on various social media platforms which includes Instagram.

This personality is also interested in music. Hence, this social media star is a music producer by trade and lives in the US for his work. And he’s been famous on TikTok and Instagram for the past few days for his retro clothing style and fun dance moves.

Maverick McNeilly

Caption: Maverick McNeilly and Jasmine in one of their YouTube videos. Source: GlamCelebs

Additionally, this star’s videos and followers have increased since he started appearing in videos with his social media star wife, Jasmine Chiswell. This personality goes by the username “@maverickmcneilly” on both his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

On TikTok, he has gained more than 652.1k followers and more than 8.5 million likes. His latest TikTok videos are “@jasminechiswell you’re my guy 😉”, “I have the moves like Jagger 😏”, “Forgive me for the first one! 😅’, ‘DONALD PACKT 😂’ etc.

relationship status

outsider and jasmine Met through a dating app. Then they went on some dates and started dating. Jasmine is pregnant and we can learn about her pregnant life through her TikTok videos. It’s been months since she’s pregnant and they revealed the baby could come into this world any day, anytime!

Also, the couple revealed the gender in their latest video, and it’s a boy! Hence, they have accepted many challenges to identify the gender of the baby. And before finally revealing their baby’s gender, the pair faced several challenges, including ring-wielding and adding up.

Maverick McNeilly

Caption: Maverick McNeilly and pregnant Jasmine in one of the TikTok videos. Source: Tiktok


Maverick and his wife live in the home of famous actress Marilyn Monroe. The house was previously owned by Marilyn Monroe. So they found out that one of Marilyn Monroe’s houses had been demolished. The two looked for the actress’ other home for sale and bought it immediately, vowing to preserve it.

And the duo now live in a vintage house. Both have started to look retro. However, since the two moved into Marilyn Monroe’s house, they’ve started dressing up retro.

body measurements

This TikTok star has a trim and good physique. He is of decent height and weight. But this star hasn’t revealed the details of his body measurements. However, he has a pair of brown eyes and a short dark brown hair color.

Maverick McNeilly

Caption: Maverick McNeilly in one of his TikTok videos. Source: Tiktok

Social Media and Wealth

This personality has earned over 652.1k followers and over 8.5 million likes on TikTok. Likewise his Instagram Account “@maverickmcneilly” has gained more than 9,000 followers.

As a social media personality, he could make a decent amount of money. However, the information about Maverick’s net worth and salary is unknown.

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