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Matt Bulleri was an American actor who served as a lead in films. Matt Bulleri is known for his performance in films like Real Steel, Spenser Confidential and others. He also worked as a cinematographer and was the best technician a film director would work with.

Birth Facts and Education

The exact date and place of birth of Matt Bulleri is not available at this time. However, it is known that Bulleri was born in the United States of America and holds American citizenship.

The name and information about Matt’s parents are also not yet known. Likewise, information on Bulleri’s siblings, cousins, grandparents, relatives and other family members is not available to date. Most likely, he always kept his personal and family life private and away from the limelight.

Regarding Matt’s educational background and qualifications, he attended the School of Hard Knocks. However, we also know that he graduated from both high school and university until he was a high school dropout.

Matt Bulleri

Caption: Matt Bulleri and his daughter (Source: Wiki Biography)


Matt Bulleri died of a heart attack in Los Angeles July 7, 2021. This happened during the filming of “Yellowstone”, a drama series. The yellow TV star declared his death and many people around the world paid tribute to him via social media platforms.

career and working life

Matt Bulleri has been active in his professional field since 2007. His first and introductory project was Blood Ties, on which he was able to act as a cinematographer. However, he is better known for the TV series “I Am Not Okay with This”. He was also one of the most popular cast members as well as an additional crew member. In addition, Bulleri was also able to serve behind the scenes of many television series and films.

Matt Bulleri

Caption: Matt Bulleri with his crewmates (Source: Wiki Biography)

relationship status

Matt Bulleri has tied the knot with his beloved wife. alyssa They were together for a very long time until Bulleri died. The couple have a beautiful daughter together.

Matt Bulleri

Caption: Matt Bulleri with his wife and daughter (Source: Wiki Biography)

body measurements

Matt Bulleri’s body measurements such as height, weight, chest girth and other sizes were unknown during his lifetime. However, due to Bulleri’s sudden death, this information cannot be obtained. In addition, Bulleri has light brown hair and green eyes.

Social Media and Wealth

Matt Bulleri was not active on any social media platforms during his lifetime and did not own any social media accounts. However, his wife must have shared his pictures on her social accounts.

According to wikibiography, Matt Bulleri had one net worth of $1 million that he now passes on to his wife and daughter that he earned through his hard work.

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