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Mark Kriski is known as a television meteorologist. Mark Kriski is one of the richest meteorologists.

Early life

Mark Kriski was born on June 29, 1956 in Nova Scotia, Canada starting in 2020. Effective immediately, Kriski 64 years old. His birth sign is Cancer.

He attended Fanshawe College in London, Ontario and majored in radio/television art. In the beginning he worked as a DJ at various stations in Canada. Apart from that, he also performed commercial voiceovers. Importantly, he landed his first on-camera job as a weather reporter for Canada’s Weather Network.


Mark Kriski has been a successful feature on Channel 5 for over two decades. He appears on the KTLA Morning News every Monday.

He has lived a successful life. He has undoubtedly received nine Emmy Awards. Also an Associated Press Radio-Television Award. The Los Angeles Times called Kriski the funniest meteorologist in Los Angeles. It also received a Golden Mike Award for Best Climate Fragment. It was from the respected Radio Television Digital News Association.

Markus Kriski

Caption: Mark Kriski on the set of KLTA with his co-stars. Source (Instagram)

At Fanshawe College in London, Ontario he studied radio and television printouts. Importantly, he went to the United States in 1991. In addition, after acknowledging the meteorologists’ situation on the KTLA Morning News. He is one of the last unique “characters” from the early days of the series.

Similarly, he took up the veteran ring host job in 2012. His boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) resume. Most notable for boxing champion Oscar De La Hoya and Golden Boy Promotions. And the late unbelievable Kronk Boxing corridor by trainer Emanuel Steward. His unmistakable voice can also be heard in radio and TV commercials.

Markus Kriski

Caption: Mark Kriski with his pet cowboy who has fond memories. Source (Instagram)

achievements and net worth

Mark Kriski has won 8 Emmy Awards and an Associated Press Radio-Television Award. The Los Angeles; It also received 3 Golden Mike Awards for Best Weather Segment. It was from the Radio and Television News Association.

He has an estimate net worth of $2 million earned through his successful career as an anchor. He is one of the top presenters for KTLA 5 News, there is no doubt that Kriski deserves a good salary. However, the money he will receive has not yet been announced.

married life

Privately, Mark Kriski is currently very happy. But that wasn’t the case before. He previously married a director Samantha Lewis. Also, Samantha is 60 years old at the moment. She also previously owned Digital Playground. Also, a DVD company that produced pornographic content. The content was for women and couples.

He and Samantha knew each other in the early 2000s. Probably, after dating for some time, decided to marry each other. In 2004, the wedding took place in the States, and the couple became husband and wife. Unfortunately, the marriage didn’t last long.

However, the marriage did not last for life. Over the years, he and Samantha lost touch. And because of this, the beautiful couple had to part. Because of this, they led to a divorce in 2009.

After Divorce

After divorcing his first wife Samantha Lewis, he falls in love again after meeting Jennifer Gould. Jennifer Gould is a fellow KLTA broadcaster. Jennifer Gould is probably one of the most famous journalists. She won the 2003 Best Sports Coverage award.

They met shortly after, and he and Jennifer became very close. And when one thing led to another, he proposed Jennifer. Without a doubt, Jennifer said yes to marrying him. On September 24, 2011, he and Jennifer married. They threw a very nice wedding party.

They are currently living there very happily and spending quality time together. As of now, he and Jennifer have no plan to start a family.

Markus Kriski

Caption: Mark Kriski poses with his wife for the perfect photo. Source (Instagram)

Body Measurements and Social Media

He is very active and looks like he follows routine diets and exercise schedules. Unfortunately, he has suffered from the disease from time to time. In addition, an infection with vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE) was diagnosed at Northridge Hospital in 2011. And he took two months bed rest. He also has brown hair and brown eyes.

MARK Kriski is working at a Twitter Account named @MarkKriski with 28.4k followers. On the Instagram account called @markkriski with 16,000 followers. He is also active on Facebook with 33,840 followers.

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