Making a Link-worthy Website

Making a Link-worthy Website

In search engine optimization, link building is an important part of a website’s campaign. However, attracting organic links to your site can be frustrating and time consuming. Regardless, making your site link-worthy can ease the task.

First Impression

Even on the Internet, first impression also matters. Linking your site is your visitors’ way of introducing you to their audience—including autonomous search bots. While this doesn’t mean that you need an expensive web design, it’s important to always present it at its best. Otherwise, you wouldn’t acquire a back link for your website.

Personal Touch

By adding a personal touch to your website, you are giving your visitors a sense of warmth. You can do this by adding your photo and personal information. If you have a business site, create an “About Us” or “Meet Our Team” page with a group photo of your employees. That way your visitors can easily associate your website to the people behind it, making them feel that they know you or your team. Adding a personal touch on your website is like talking to your visitors on a human level. Other than that, make sure your visitors can easily reach you through a “Contact Us” page.

Relevant Content

It is a no-brainer that a great content can attract links. Simply put, the content must be relevant to what your website is all about, and that it should be useful for the reader. One way to make great content is by providing geo-targeted information for your readers. Regardless of where your business is situated, make sure that you write content that’s useful and applicable for your readers living outside your area. It doesn’t only attract link builders to your site; it also improves your local SEO campaign.

Reader Engagement

One way to engage your readers on your website is to give something to do. You can do this by creating a poll question, exchanging intellectual discussions through comments, or by giving them a “frictionless” way of sharing your content through social bookmarks. In turn, you’re breeding your website’s ambassadors which can eventually attract link builders.

Website History

Smart publishers always check a website’s history of inbound links before linking to it. Hence, it’s important to take some time to create nice back links from search engine directories first before executing your link building campaign.


To summarize, the more personal, resourceful, relevant and interactive your site is; the more chance that it can attract link builders. In turn, it’ll make your site more SEO friendly

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