Lord Alan Sugar pays tribute to ‘long suffering’ brother who has died of coronavirus

The business tycoon and star of BBC show The Apprentice shared the news with his followers on Twitter and Instagram.

“Today I lost my long suffering brother Derek, another victim of Covid which added to his underlying health issues,” Sugar wrote.

‘He was a life time passionate Spurs supporter,” he added.

Sugar, 73, called it “a sad day for us all in the family”.

Alongside his written tribute, Sugar also shared a photograph of his brother and himself on Instagram.

Derek was one of Sugar’s thee elder siblings. 

This year’s series of The Apprentice was cancelled due to the pandemic. It was the first year the show hasn’t been broadcast since it began in 2005.

The Apprentice is expected to return to BBC One in 2021.

Lord Sugar pays tribute to his brother, Derek, on Instagram


He asked his followers where they thought Covid-19 had come from, adding that its origins were “not clear to me”.

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