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Laura Kucera was a young American girl. Laura Kucera gained recognition after being kidnapped and shot multiple times by her ex-boyfriend.

Early life

Laura Kucera was born on Aug. 17, 1975. Her full name is Laura Jean Kucera. Her place of birth is Columbus, Platte County, Nebraska while she died in Wakefield, Dixon County, Nebraska.

Speaking of family, her parents are father David Kucera and mother Mary (Bierman) Kucera. She also has seven siblings. They are sisters Sabrina and Dorothy and brothers Joseph, Mathew, Charles, Benjamin and Patrick. Likewise, her nickname was Giz.


she was only twenty years old at the time of her death September 13, 1995.

Career, professional life and wealth

Laura Kucera is a public figure. She rose to prominence after being shot twice in the head and once in the shoulder. After being shot so many times, this young lady was left to die. The criminal who shot her so brutally was none other than her ex-boyfriend named Brian Anderson. At the time of this incident, her ex-boyfriend was only 22 years old.

Speaking in detail about the tragic incident, this personality’s ex-boyfriend kidnapped her on October 1, 1994. Brian had completed his 30-day prison term just a few days before this incident. The previous prison sentence was for breaking a no-contact order.

The perpetrator initially let his ex-lover die in a ditch. However, he had concerns and led the authorities to where he left his ex-lover. The young lady was in a good mood and even survived 4 days in freezing temperatures before she was rescued. She was wearing very little clothing, ie a t-shirt and shorts.

During the May 1995 trial in Ponca, Nebraska, Judge Maurice J. Redmond called the ex-lover a bully and a coward. Brian was subsequently sentenced to 125 years in prison.

The victim spent 51 days in a hospital and learned to walk again. However, she sadly died in a tragic car accident in September 1995, almost a year after the initial attack. She was on her way to her grandmother’s when the accident happened. Further, there are no verified details about the net worth and earnings of this late young lady.

Netflix movie

Netflix introduced a movie called Only mine on January 15, 2019. This film is slightly based on Laura Kucera’s story. The difference between her real life and the story in the film is that in real life her boyfriend was only 2 years older than herself but in the film he is a much older guy. Also, in the film, the character portraying Brian is a police officer, while the real Brian was not.

Also, this film does not follow the brave and difficult recovery of the victim. It also doesn’t show the accident that ended in her death. Despite this, the team included a dedication at the end of the film that reads: “In 1995 Laura Kucera was kidnapped, shot in the head and left to die. She lived. Her attacker is still in prison today. This film is dedicated to Laura and to victims of abuse everywhere.”

Laura Kucera

Caption: Laura Kucera’s story is portrayed in the Netflix film Only Mine. Source: Mother of the Movies

relationship status

Laura Kucera was most likely single at the time of her death. Sources mention Brian Anderson as her ex-boyfriend at the time of her kidnapping and shooting. Apart from Brian, no other guys are mentioned in the late young lady’s life.

Body Measurements and Social Media

There are no verified details about Laura Kucera’s exact height, weight, chest-waist-hip measurements, dress size, etc. Likewise, this late personality had dark brown eyes and hair of the same color. Also, there was no proliferation of social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc. when this late young lady was alive. Therefore, there are no personal social media profiles of the deceased victim.

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