Latest updates as President makes wild claims of ‘dead people and illegal immigrants’ casting ballots on eve of Electoral College vote

Donald Trump golfs in Virginia as Covid cases surge around the US

Donald Trump has left the White House to go his Virginia golf club this morning after denouncing the 2020 presidential election result as a “Swing State hustle”.

The president has relentlessly promoted false claims that the election was rigged against him. When asked by Fox News this weekend whether recent court setbacks would signal the end of the road for his campaign, he replied: “No, it’s not over. We keep going and we’re going to continue to go forward.”

His comments came after several thousand of his supporters rallied in Washington DC on Saturday. Sporadic fighting broke out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators after sunset, with police reporting four people were stabbed and at least 23 were arrested.

After returning from his golf trip Mr Trump took to Twitter to make wild claims of ‘dead people and illegal immigrants’ voting on eve of Electoral College vote.


South Park creators mock Trump’s election meltdown with hilarious deepfake video

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone mocked Donald Trump over his election loss in the latest episode of their web series Sassy Justice.

In the show, a deepfake (video technology where someone is replaced with another’s likeness) of Trump sulks as he reads a reindeer story with a political twist to reflect his defeat in the US election and his failed attempts to cling onto power.

Graeme Massie13 December 2020 08:06


Good morning and welcome to our rolling coverage of Trump, Biden and the count down to the inauguration of America’s 46th president.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 08:56


DC rally turns violent

Thousands of supporters of Donald Trump returned to Washington for a weekend rally to back his desperate efforts to subvert the election that he lost to Joe Biden.

Sporadic fights broke out between pro-Trump and anti-Trump demonstrators after sundown Saturday. 

Local station WRC-TV reported that four people were taken to a hospital with stab wounds, and DC’s Metropolitan Police Department told the channel that 23 people were arrested.

Police took steps to keep the two sides apart, closing a wide swath of downtown to traffic and sealing off Black Lives Matter Plaza.

Saturday’s rally, while smaller than the one held on 14 November, drew a larger contingent of the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group known to incite street violence. Some wore bulletproof vests as they marched.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 09:01


Trump’s ‘joy ride around Washington’

Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser recently pardoned by Trump, was one of those invited to speak from the stage.

As the Marine One helicopter passed over the rally on the National Mall for a trip to the Army-Navy football game at the US Military Academy in West Point, New York, he said: “That’s pretty cool. Imagine just being able to jump in a helicopter and just go for a joy ride around Washington.”

Marine One passes over people attending a rally to protest the results of the election in front of Supreme Court building


Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 09:08


Violence breaks out during march attended by Proud Boys

Violence broke out on the streets of Washington DC as thousands of Trump supporters marched on the capital to protest against the election of Biden.

The clashes began before the marches even started, as five were arrested Friday night on charges including disorderly conduct, inciting violence, and assault after a brawl.

Here is the full story: 

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 09:18


Electoral College to vote on Monday

Voters cast their ballots for president more than a month ago, but the votes that officially matter will be cast on Monday.

The constitution gives the electors the power to choose the president, and when all the votes are counted, President-elect Biden is expected to have 306 electoral votes, more than the 270 needed to elect a president, to 232 votes for  Trump.

The spotlight on the process is even greater this year because Trump has refused to concede the election and continued to make baseless allegations of fraud. 

That makes the meeting of the Electoral College another solid, undeniable step toward Inauguration Day on 20 January, when Biden will be sworn in as president.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 09:41


Atlanta mayor turns down Biden Cabinet offer

High profile Atlanta mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has turned down an opportunity to serve in President-elect Joe Biden’s Cabinet, a spokesperson for the mayor said on Saturday.

Ms Bottoms, one of the state’s most influential Democrats, had previously been under consideration to become Mr Biden’s vice presidential nominee.

“Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms was honoured to have been offered a role in the Cabinet, which she respectfully declined,” spokesman for Ms Bottoms said in a statement.

The statement did not say what Cabinet position she had been offered.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 09:59


Biden’s Homeland Security pick faces questions on 2015 probe

The last time Alejandro Mayorkas faced Senate confirmation, not a single Republican voted for him because there was an open investigation into his management of the US immigration agency under President Barack Obama

Now, seven years later, Mayorkas is President-elect Joe Biden’s groundbreaking nominee to lead the Department of Homeland Security and that since-completed investigation has emerged as a potential stumbling block.

The Office of Inspector General’s 2015 report criticized his handling of three politically connected applications to a program that grants US visas to foreigners who make job-creating investments in the United States. Mayorkas has disputed the findings, and he never faced any sanctions, but Republican senators are bringing it up ahead of what could be a tight confirmation vote.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 10:13


US Covid vaccine rollout

US officials say the nation’s first Covid-19 vaccine will begin arriving in states on Monday morning.

Army General Gustave Perna says trucks will roll out on Sunday morning as shipping companies UPS and FedEx begin delivering Pfizer’s vaccine to nearly 150 distribution centres across the states.

An additional 450 sites will get the vaccine between Tuesday and Wednesday.

Perna is with Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration’s vaccine development programme. 

He said the vaccine was timed to arrive Monday morning so health workers would be available to receive the shots and begin giving them.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 10:31


Trump wonders why the Supreme Court Justices he appointed won’t support him. He shouldn’t | Andrew Feinberg

Despite his legal team racking up an unprecedented string of more than 50 losses before some of the most conservative jurists in America, Donald Trump still thinks the Supreme Court will find a way to keep him in office, writes Andrew Feinberg. 

But those who know the Court best — legal experts and some of his top White House lawyers — say his confidence stems from a fundamental misunderstanding, bordering on a delusion, about the 418 men and women who’ve been named to the bench by Republican presidents.

Tom Batchelor13 December 2020 11:03

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