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Jim Buss is a former executive vice president of basketball operations for the Los Angeles Lakers. Jim Buss is the son of former Lakers owner Jerry Buss.

Early life

on November 9, 1959 James Hatten Buss aka Jim Buss was born in Los Angeles, California. So is he 62 years old. He was born to his father Jerry Buss and Joann Mueller. His father was a businessman, chemist, investor and philanthropist. He also owned a Los Angeles Lakers basketball team.

He has siblings named Jeanie, Janie, and half-siblings Joey and Jesse. His parents divorced in 2012. Later in 2013, his father, aka Jerry Buss, died of kidney failure. Later, Laker’s majority ownership was passed equally to his 6 children. He also attended the University of Southern California. He later dropped out of college and spent his youth at the race track.


Previously, Jim Buss invested in a small business with his best friend. In 1988, the death of his friend in a car accident left him sad and lost. Soon after, in 1985, he became president of his father’s indoor soccer team, the Los Angeles Lazers. He got the position after his brother Johnny resigned from his position.

Therefore, he reduced annual losses from $1 million to $500,000. Unfortunately, the team collapsed in 1989. He then became a horse trainer, having received half a dozen thoroughbreds from his father.

In 1997 he separated from his horse racing sport, which was becoming increasingly unprofitable. He was later encouraged by his father to join the Lakers. His father acquired it in 1979 and grew it into one of the most profitable and popular franchises in the sports world.

Similarly, he began working for the Lakers in 1988 as an apprentice to Mitch Kupchak, Jerry West Lakers general manager and assistant. He then learned the basketball business from his father. And also learned from West and then from Mitch Kupchak, who became general manager in 2000.

Jim Buses

Caption: Jim Buss’ Lakers team during the game. Source: Instagram

More about careers

He was later promoted by the organization to Vice President, Players’ Personnel in 2005. But his father’s original plan was for Buss to make the basketball decision. And plan for his sister Jeanie to become vice president of operations for the Lakers. As such, he was an influential advocate for the selection of a high school athlete, Andrew Bynum, during the 2005 NBA.

According to the sources, he has stated that he actually fell in love with Bynum five minutes after watching his workout. He was also associated with Phil Jackson’s reinstatement as Los Angeles Lakers coach. At her welcome-back press conference from Jackson, he was the only family member present. Unfortunately, he stayed with Andrew Bynum as he struggled with his injuries and immature nature. Additionally, he resisted calls from Kobe Bryant for a deal with Bynum. The Lakers Association appointed Brian Shaw to replace Jackson after his retirement.

Without consulting Kobe Bryant, the Lakers’ star player, he hired Mike Brown in place of Shaw. Shaw uncharacteristically criticized Jim in a radio interview. It was because of his treatment during the hiring cycle. Deputy General Manager Ronnie Lester mentions that her contract was not renewed by the organization after 24 years of work. She also explained that big organizations don’t treat their employees the way they used to.

Career Highlights

Hence, CBSSports.com wrote that NBA administrators are usually discreet. So, too, did Lester’s public criticism show how much he felt the Lakers were wrong. It was also mentioned by Stephen A. Smith that Kobe Bryant was angry at Jim and his hiring decision. Therefore, he feared that the season would be canceled because of it. He also explained: “They had to do what they had to do. It’s not fun, and there’s no question about that.”

The lockout ended before the start of the 2011-12 NBA season in the winter of 2011. He also agreed to acquire Chris Paul from the New Orleans Hornets in exchange for Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom. However, David Stern, the NBA commissioner, prevented the trade from happening. Additionally, the Lakers received Steve Nash when they traded Bynum for Dwight Howard during the next NBA season.

Therefore, everyone assumed that the Lakers, with their $100 million salaries, would become the title contenders. After five games, the third-fastest coaching change in NBA history was his firing. The Lakers decided not to reinstate Jackson, in a joint decision by him, his father and Mitch Kupchak. They later hired Mike D’Antoni as Lakers coach instead.

Personal life

Jim Buss has not revealed any details about his private life. But according to the sources, he married in 1983 and got divorced after a few months. Together they adopted a son named Jager Buss. They finally divorced in 1985 and he won sole custody of their son. He also has two daughters named Micaela Buss and Milahna Buss.

body measurement and social media

Jim Buss is very tall and standing 6 feet 2 inches tall and its weight is not known. Therefore, he has dark brown pairs of eyes and gray hair color. According to the sources, he is quite inactive on social media platforms.

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