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Jesús Gallardo is a Mexican professional soccer player who plays as a winger/left-back for the Mexico national team and Liga MX club Monterrey. Jesús Gallardo is one of the most important players for both the Mexico national team and Monterrey.

Early life

Jesús Gallardo was born in Tabasco, Mexico Aug. 15, 1994. So is he 27 years old. He was born to Jose Albert Gallardo Sedano, his father and mother Maribel Vasconcelos Gamas, both of whom worked in Tabasco. Gallardo is said to have a younger sister. However, there is no evidence of this. In no interview or social media post did Jesus acknowledge his siblings. Jesus stayed in his birthplace until he was young. When he was younger, he liked to play football with his buddies. Gallardo was never content to just play with his friends. He wanted to be exposed to others.

There is no information about his education. Gallardo’s status as a high school senior is still unknown. Also, according to certain accounts, Jesus finished his elementary school in his hometown. After that, at the age of 15, he transferred to another school where he started playing amateur football. He enrolled in a football school in Tabasco. Jesus gave up his formal education to pursue his passion for football.

Jesus with his family

Caption: Jesus with his mother and father Source: Players Bio

professional career

Gallardo started playing amateur football at the age of 15. After catching the attention of a local soccer coach, he took part in soccer practice. In 2009 he was recruited to play football by Once Hermanos, a local football club. However, people doubted Jesus’ skill because he was still a young player. Gallardo, on the other hand, managed to score goals, which surprised the fans. After a successful season at his hometown club Once Hermanos, Jesus decided to join Jaguares de la 48, a Division 1 club. In 2011 he signed a contract with the club.

Gallardo amazed everyone including other Liga MX club coaches. In 2013 he was asked to train in the youth academy of Club Universidad Nacion or Pumas. Jesus made the decision to leave the club and train at the Pumas’ camp. Gallardo devoted a year to training to develop his skills.

club career

In 2014 he was supported by the Club Universidad Nacion [UNAM] to play for their under-twenty team. Morelos was promoted to the main squad when his coach noticed his tackle, dribbling and speed skills. Gallardo made his professional UNAM debut in November 2014 when he competed in the Copa MX competition. He was 19 when he first played for the league.

Daniel Gallardo won the hearts of the crowd in 2017 against Monterrey, where he scored the winning goal. With the Monterey club just ahead of UNAM in the standings, this game was extremely important for the UNAM fans.

The Monterrey Club have signed a contract with him

In 82 games for UNAM, Jesus scored 11 goals. because Jesus played left-back for the squad, his results are not low. He has a greater number of assists which has helped the club win important league titles. Gallardo chose to play for another Liga MX team, Monterrey, in 2018. On July 21, 2018, he made his debut in Monterrey, winning against Club de Futbol Pachuca. On October 20, 2018, Jesus scored his first goal for Monterrey against Tijuana Football Club. Gallardo also scored a penalty goal against Pachuca and guided Monterrey to the final of the 2018 Apertura Copa MX. He has scored nine goals in nine games for Monterrey Football Club since 2018. Gallardo has renewed his contract, so he has no plans to leave the club.

Jesus Mexico

Caption: Jesus dribbles the football Source: Stumptown Footy

International career

Gallardo was selected by the Mexico national team to play in Liga MX after an outstanding performance. Jesus made his debut for his country in 2016. In that encounter he assisted in a game-winning pass as Mexico beat New Zealand. Mexico beat New Zealand and his coach praised his efforts. The Mexico national team decided to select him for the 2018 World Cup in Russia after he showed impressive performances.

However, during the World Cup group match against Sweden, a terrible incident happened. Gallardo received a yellow card within 13 seconds of the game, the fastest yellow card in FIFA World Cup history. Since 2016, Jesus has represented his country in a total of 47 games. He hasn’t scored a goal yet. However, Gallardo prepared important passes that resulted in goals. He has won several awards and trophies by playing football for national team and club.


When people become famous, their actions and words are constantly watched. Jesús has found himself in controversy several times.

Anti-Gay Slur

Jesus Gallardo played a role in Monterrey’s loss to Club America in January 2020. They celebrated Monterrey’s 2019 Apertura at the Estadio Azteca as they won the title.

Gallardo was dancing across the field during the final whistle at this point. However, it wasn’t the only thing. He was apparently caught on tape signing an anti-Club America chant with anti-gay undertones.

As a result, Liga MX launched an investigation into the matter and Gallardo was suspended for the first two games of the 2020 Clausura. He was also fined a certain amount.

Gallardo took to Twitter to say “Ni Modo” as they announced his verdict for the “inappropriate celebration.” Translated, the expression simply means “everything”. However, the tweet was eventually removed.

Fake corona cough

In March of the same year, Jesus Gallardo caused some controversy when he insulted the novel coronavirus. He then faked a cough and said, “Greetings to Coronavirus.”

Reporters and cameramen covered Scratched Course’s departure for Guadalajara for the game against Chivas. Therefore, as Jesus approached New Lion Airport, Gallant, he pretended to cough in front of them.

Live broadcast controversy

Jesus Gallardo was only spotted on a live broadcast in early April. In reality, he was describing the global spread of the coronavirus and its consequences.

Meanwhile, he took the opportunity to poke fun at Estadio Azteca’s title.

The Disciplinary Committee suspended him for two games.

Personal life

He is in a relationship with Orquidea. There isn’t much information or a timeline as to how the couple met. Orquídea has an Instagram account @orquidea.gc with 19.3k followers. Not much is known about her. The couple recently became parents. They welcomed their son in 2021.

In an interview with ESPN, Gallardo said he wants to spend time with his mom and dad. He values ​​his family. Jesus worships his father and mother and does everything to make them happy.

Jesus and his girlfriend

Caption: Jesus and his girlfriend Orquídea pose for the camera in a stadium Source: Instagram

body measurements

Jesus has a height of 5 feet and 10 inches. Jesus weighs about 68 kg. The Mexican has black hair and his eyes are black.

Social Media and Networth

Jesús is active on Instagram and TikTok. He has 362,000 followers on his Instagram Account @jesusgallardo17. He also has 184.1k followers on the @gallardoj TikTok account.

Jesús mainly made his fortune playing for the national team and Liga MX. He also has various endorsements and acts for various brand promotions. He makes about $22,000 a week. Jesús earns about $1.16 million annually. He is the top 10 earner in Liga MX. He has total net worth of $6.5 million.

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