Indie Gardner – Bio, Age, Single, Nationality, Body Measurements, Career

Indie Gardner is a young American social media star. Indie Gardner is best known for appearing on the Gardner Quad Squad YouTube channel and blog.

Early life

Indie Gardner was born December 28, 2014. She was born and raised in Utah, USA. She is currently 6 years old and her sun sign is Capricorn. Speaking of her parents, her mother’s name is Ashley and her father’s name is Tyson Gardner. Also, her mother was diagnosed with endometriosis, which prevented her parents from conceiving for eight years.

She has three siblings, an identical twin sister Esme Gardner, and her other two siblings, Scarlett and Evangeline are her fraternal siblings. Information on her education is not available, it is possible that, given her age, she is currently in school.

Indie Gardner

Caption: Indie Gardner and her family click on a photo. Source: Instagram

career and working life

Indie is best known for appearing on the Gardner Quad Squad YouTube channel. She and her siblings were a product of in vitro fertilization. Gardner Quad Squad is a family vlog channel featuring viral videos like “Changing Quads”, “Mom’s Coming Home From Vacation!!!” and “Motherhood Summarized in 34 Seconds”.

Her channel was officially created on September 14, 2014. Some of her most popular videos are CHANGING QUADRUPLETS, Laughing Hyenas – Don’t look up when you’re running Esme!, Mom Comes Home From Vacation!!! !”, “SUMMARIZES MOTHERHOOD IN 34 SECONDS”, “Gardner Quad Squad – Our Fertility Journey” and many more.

Similarly, some recent videos include Gardner Snow Day Sledding, Gardner Quads 6th Birthday Party, CHRISTMAS MORNING 2020, CHRISTMAS GIFT WRAPPING FOR SISTERS, Kids Go CRAZY On An AMAZON ALEXA Shopping Spree, A Time of Giving”, “FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS”, “Finding Quads, NEW BIKES is A NIGHTMARE” and many more.

Indie Gardner

Caption: Indie Gardner alongside her siblings and parents in one of her YouTube videos. Source: Youtube

relationship status

This pretty kid is just 6 years old and sure doesn’t date anyone. Your relationship status remains single. She’s not ready for any kind of romantic relationship yet. However, her beauty, charm and talent would attract many lovers in the future. Let’s hope she gets a loving and caring boyfriend for her in the future.

Indie Gardner

Caption: Indie Gardner and her twin sister Esme Gardner pose for a photo. Source: Instagram

body measurements

Indie is a beautiful and sweet girl. She is now a decent height and weight. She is healthy and keeps fit. Her height and weight at the moment are missing. However, Indie was born weighing just 1 pound, 13 ounces and was about a foot long. In addition, she has a pair of hazel eyes and her hair is silky blonde hair.

Indie Gardner

Caption: Indie Gardner poses for a photo. Source: Instagram

Social Media and Wealth

She has a personal Instagram Page ‘@indiegardnerofficial’ but it’s private. The account is held by her parents. There she amassed over 29.2k followers. The Gardner Quad Squad family channel has gained over 596,000 subscribers. Her Facebook page, A Miracle Unfolding-Gardner Quadruplets, has garnered over 762,000 followers.

She is still a child and does not earn her own money. She lives a happy and lavish lifestyle with her parents who earn alongside her siblings. The family YouTube channel Gardner Quad Squad makes around $372,000.

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