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In-Young Ahn is a famous South Korean scientist and ecologist. In-Young Ahn is famous for being the first South Korean woman to visit Antarctica and also the first female Antarctic station chief from Asia.

Early Life and Childhood

In-Young Ahn was born on Aug. 12, 1954 and she is currently 66 years old. There is no information about her parents, siblings and other family details. Likewise, her name is written as 안인영 in Korean and as 安仁英 in Hanja.

Speaking about her education, she graduated from Seoul National University in 1982. She majored in Biological Oceanography and then received her Ph.D. in Coastal Oceanography from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1990. On July 1, 1991, Drs. Ahn her research at the Korean Polar Research Institute (KOPRI).

career and working life

Professionally, In-Young Ahn is a famous South Korean scientist. She became famous for being the first South Korean to visit Antarctica. She also became the first Asian woman to become an Antarctic station chief when she became chief of King Sejong Station.

She is also a benthic ecologist. She is currently working as a senior research scientist for the Korea Polar Research Institute. In addition, she has 68 publications under her name.

In Young Ahn

Caption: In-Young Ahn from KOPRI as leader of the CHAMP 2050 expedition poses for a photo with Dr. Claudia Andrade from UMAG, Chile. Source: Universidad de Magallanes

Similarly, she was in charge of the environmental monitoring program at King Sejong Station from 1996 to 2011. She also conducted field surveys to obtain scientific data required for the designation of the Antarctic Special Protection Area (ASPA #171) near the Korean station.

dr Ahn has also served as the representative and national contact point for the Committee on Environmental Protection (CEP) at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meetings. She held this position from 1997 to 2014. She did this until she was appointed wintering officer in charge.

She was also Vice President of the Korea Polar Research Institute (KOPRI) from May 2010 to June 2012. dr Ahn also served as Vice President of the Korean Society of Oceanography from 2010 to 2011 and the Korea Federation of Women’s Science & Technology Associations in 2014 and 2015.

More details

In addition, Dr. Ahn in 2015 expedition leader of the 28th wintering team for the South Korean Antarctic station King Sejong. There was dr. Ahn station manager for about a year.

Likewise, her research interests include the marine benthic ecology of Antarctica with a particular interest in benthic invertebrates. It also includes monitoring marine ecosystems along the Antarctic coast. dr Ahn studied the Antarctic clam Laternula elliptica. It is a dominant sea shell on the Antarctic continent.

In addition, her current research includes studies on the impact of glacial retreat on marine benthic communities near the coast around King Sejong Station.

dr Ahn is also currently an Associate Professor at the University of Science & Technology (UST). In addition, she is also a senior research scientist at the Korean Polar Institute (KOPRI). The latter is part of the Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST).

In Young Ahn

Caption: In-Young Ahn poses for a photo with King Sejong Station staff just before their 2015 New Year’s dinner. Source:

Awards and Honors

In-Young Ahn received a Medal of Science & Technology Merit from the South Korean government. She received the award for her outstanding achievements in Antarctic research in April 2001.

She also received a Commendation from the South Korean Ministry of Environment in June 2008. This award was for her contribution to the designation of the Antarctic Special Protection Area (ASPA #171) near King Sejong Station. In 2016, she also received the South Korean Prime Minister’s Award. It was a recognition of the scientist’s achievement as station manager at King Sejong Station.

relationship status

There is no information about In-Young Ahn’s relationship status and affairs. As part of South Korea’s traditional society, she might have married at a young age or defied the norms and focused more on her studies and career in ecology and science than getting married. Anyway, there is no information about their relationships and affairs.

Body Measurements and Social Media

There is no information about In-Young Ahn’s body measurements. As a scientist who has reached Antarctica and worked at a station in that location, she may have a very fit body, with average height, weight, and other body measurements appropriate for travel to such extreme locations. Also, she doesn’t seem to be available on any social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, etc.

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