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Hubert Van Innis was a famous Belgian archer. Hubert Van Innis competed in two Summer Olympics 20 years apart, winning six gold medals and three silver medals. Likewise, Hubert Van Innis is considered one of the greatest archers to have competed in the Olympics.

Early life

Hubert Van Innis was born in 1866 on February 24. Likewise, Hubert Van Innis was born in Elewijt, Belgium. Hubert Van Innis was 95 years old at the time of his death. In addition, Hubert Van Innis was of Belgian nationality and born under the zodiac sign Pisces.

Now we come to Hubert’s family, there are no details on the internet. Likewise, there is no information about Hurbert’s siblings on the internet. As such, the names and identities of Hubert Van Innis’ family members are still a mystery. As a young boy, Hubert had to work as a milk delivery boy in the villages around Brussels. Similarly, at the end of his deliveries, he would send his dog and wagon home while he set off to practice his archery skills.

From an early age he was interested in archery. At just 13 he won first prize in the main competition in Antwerp.


When it comes to education, there are no details on Hubert Van Innis’s education. Growing up in the 19th century, he probably didn’t go to school. However, Hubert stayed at home, did chores and practiced archery.

career and working life

Hubert Van Innis was a talented archer. Likewise, he was 34 years old when he competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris, France. The archer competed in four competitions, winning gold medals in the Au Cordon Doré 33m and Au Chapelet 33m events. He also finished second behind France’s Henri Hérouin in the Au Cordon Doré 50m, his worst result of the Games being a fourth place in the Au Chapelet 50m.

Also, Hubert Van Innis had to wait another twenty years before he could compete on the Olympic stage. In addition, he competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics, held on his home soil in Antwerp, Belgium. During the event, he added two more gold medals in the individual moving bird to his medal tally, beating Frenchman Léonce Quentin by 28 meters. Likewise, only two people lined up and the solitary bird was 33 meters wide.

The archer then lost to France’s Julien Brulé in the Individual Moving Bird 50 meters to win a silver medal. He also added three team medals, including two more gold medals in Team Moving Bird 50 meters, Team Moving Bird, 33 meters, and a silver medal in Team Moving Bird, 28 meters. Additionally, his most recent Olympic medal tally was six golds and three silvers. In addition, he won the 1933 World Championship at the age of 67, 13 years after his Olympic gold medals.

net worth

When it comes to awards, Hubert has won a handful of golf and silver medals. In addition, Hubert did not provide any information about his income and assets. This means that Hubert’s net worth is still unknown.

Hubert van Innis

Caption: The statue of Hubert Van Innis (Source: Olympian)

relationship status

Hubert certainly got married. However, there is no accurate information about Hubert’s married life and previous relationships. However, we do know that his legacy continues through his great-grandchildren. The archers Philippe Prieels and Sarah Prieels are known to be his grandchildren.


Hubert died on Nov. 25, 1961. He was 95 years andt the time of his health. In addition, Hubert died of natural causes.

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