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Don Bowie is one of the most famous and professional high altitude climbers. Don Bowie can also get a lot of fame since he appeared in the popular documentary. The documentary is called 14 Peaks: Nothing is impossible. Let us know more about Don’s professional and personal life.

Early life

Professional climber Don was born December 9, 1969. From 2021 it will be him 51 years old. Based on Bowie’s date of birth, his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is also of Canadian nationality. His place of birth is in Canada. However, Bowie’s ethnicity is not available through any sources of information.

Unfortunately, not many details and information about his parents’ names are available through any information sources. Information on his family members, siblings and childhood is also missing. He also did not mention his educational background.

working life and career

As a professional mountaineer, he has experienced various climbing tours in the most remote regions. He has climbed most of the most remote regions of Tibet, Pakistan, Nepal, Africa, South America, Mexico and the USA. Not only that, he also traveled the high arctic of Canada.

Don Bowie climber

Caption: Don Bowie climbing a mountain (Source: Instagram)

He is also a world-class alpinist. He is also an experienced ski mountaineer, avid mountain biker and long-distance runner. He is also developing various projects that showcase his climbing achievements as an author, filmmaker and photographer. He currently serves as an active member of the Inyo County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team.

Bowie also worked on the hit documentary 14 Peaks: Nothing Is Impossible. He appeared in the documentary as a high-altitude climber.

net worth

Based on the latest research, estimates Don Bowie net worth is between 1 and 2 million US dollars. However, his annual salary is not available through any information sources. He currently resides in Bishop, California.

Personal life

Also, he never mentioned his relationship status. He does not prefer to keep his affairs and relationships in the public eye. Probably, it could be him Singles. From now on, there are more chances that he doesn’t date anyone.

Also, he doesn’t seem to focus on his relationships anymore. Also, he is more focused on improving his career and professional life. Instead of emphasizing being in a relationship with someone, he prefers to emphasize being effective in both his work and his career.

Body Measurements and Social Media

Despite this, Don has not made his details such as height, weight, dress size and shoe size public either. He has light brown eyes. And his hair is light brown too.

Don Bowie body measurement

Caption: Don Bowie Body Measurement (Source: Instagram)

He is also active on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. He has more than 1,000 followers on Twitter with the username @bigchefbowie. Bowie’s username on Facebook is Don Bowie and has 8.3k followers. At Instagram, Bowie has approximately 51.3k followers with the username @donbowie.

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