Disney Acquires Social Network, Togetherville

Kids should have their own social networking site to interact, play games and watch videos. Not only will it help their social and interaction skills, but it will also help their computer and technical skills, something they will always need now and later in life. And apparently, Disney thinks they should have their own social network too, and recently acquired Togetherville in order to make that idea a reality for the younger demographic.

Children ages 10 years old and younger now have a tool all their own, much like what their parents enjoy like the Facebook platform. The Togetherville mimics the Facebook site and experience, but more in an age-appropriate environment where parents are heavily involved and able to monitor their child’s activities and connections. Parents can safely monitor and approve their child’s interactions and friends, but can also use the site to connect with other parent’s by using the social graph on the site that connects them into Facebook.

The Togetherville site made a statement on their page touting the fact that the kids will get to learn more than computer skills or how to play games, but they will learn how to become digitally-responsible citizens, and learn how to use free expression and creativity in a safe, fun and most of all, an ad-free environment.

On Togetherville, children can take their Facebook friends and create virtual neighborhoods and connect through “School Communities” where the children can find and interact with their school friends without having to be connected through Facebook.

The site makes the technological aspect of the platform easily to assimilate for the child and their parent, so that they won’t feel overwhelmed, and hopefully encourage children to want to visit the site as often as possible. Disney has plans to make Togetherville, which was acquired from Playdom, the social gaming firm and Tapulous, the mobile gaming company, a very popular go-to site for kids.

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