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David Choe is an American artist, musician, journalist, and podcast host who has written for magazines such as Hustler, Ray Gun, and Vice. David Choe is a commendable artist with a wide variety of urban culture, entertainment, themes, desires, asian pop contexts and much more.

Early life

David Choe was born on April 21, 1976(age 45 years old) in Los Angeles, California, United States. His parents are Korean immigrants who have experienced a rebirth specifically known as reincarnation. They belong to a Christian family, details of which about siblings are being kept under wraps.

He is of American nationality and spent most of his childhood in Koreatown, Los Angeles. His natal zodiac sign is Taurus and has a causal ethnicity. He has been interested in art since childhood and began painting with a palette knife as a teenager on the street.

However, his interest in art grew day by day. He attended the California College of the Arts and was brilliant in his studies. He continued his career in the same field.

professional career

He is a well known and established artist, musician, journalist, novelist and many more. Additionally, he officially began his career by releasing a graphic novel titled Slow Jams in 1996. He only released 200 copies and gave them to Comic-Con in 1998, hoping to interest the publisher. Based on his novel, he submitted Slow Jams for a Xeric grant and was awarded $5000 to self-publish the second expanded edition. The second cover came out in 1999 with a cover price of $4.

Likewise, his other bibliography includes Bruised Fruit: The Art of David Choe, Drips Inc 2002, Cursive, Giant Robert 2003 and David Choe, Chronicle Books 2010. He also co-directed an autobiographical documentary with Harry Kim entitled Dirty Hands: The Art and Crimes by David Choe. He also accepted the mural commission from Hollywood wife Heidi Fleiss and Facebook founder and also ran a solo show, Santa Rosa.

David Choe

David Choe during his artistic preparation (Source: Instagram)

more details

After his solo exhibitions in San Jose and San Francisco, in 2005 he was offered the solo exhibition at the Sanat Rosa Museum of Contemporary Art. After the exhibition he has another solo exhibition Gardener of Eden in New York’s Jonathan LeVine Gallary, Chelsea in 2007. Likewise his other solo show Murderous Heart at the London and Newcastle locations of the Lazarides Gallary.

He has also been asked by Gavin McInnes and Shane Smith to write and perform artwork for Vice Magazine. He also expands his career by hosting an online lifestyle entertainment podcast with adult film star Asa Akira entitled DADASA.

In addition, he was also recognized following his watercolor solo exhibition at Museo University Del Chopo, Mexico City in 2013. He also had an exhibition in Los Angeles after his treatment. The art represents the heavy theme of trauma, self-reflection and hope for recovery.

Considering his great artwork, he was approached by internet entrepreneur Sean Parker in 2005 to paint sexual murals inside Facebook’s first Silicon Valley office. Switching to another project brought up by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to paint slightly tamer murals on his office.

David Choe

David Choe one of his artworks describing his state of mind (Source: Instagram)

film career

On the eve of Facebook’s IPO in 2012, he received around $200 million. Speaking further about his other filmographic status, he has been part of documentaries, web series and so on. Some of those featured are Thumbs UP! (2007-2010), The last dinosaur of the congo with David Choe (2011), We are the strange (voice of the main character 2007), Dirty hands, Vice, Anthony Bourdain: parts unknown, The Mandalorian and Vice s2.

charitable works

As part of many works, he has also reached out to charity. He is involved in many foundations including Y le Haiti founded by Wyclef Jean The LIDE Haiti Foundation. He also enjoys spending time with children. He has worked with various foundations and supports them with money and work. He has similarly fundraised with the Yle Haiti Foundation and paint programs for children of South Central LA at APCH.


His well-known personality scandal follows your path. He has spent three months in prison for an argument with a police officer during his art exhibition in Japan. He grabbed the headline after his DVDASA podcast that he was rude with a masseuse. He later defended his comment. He was also paid to paint the Bowery Mural Wall in 2017, but he was later protested against his inclusion in the mural project by another artist, including Swoon. In addition, he denied any kind of sexual assault or rape and apologized for his original comments.

net worth

However, he is currently one of the richest artists. In addition, he has worked his entire career collecting estimates net worth from $300 million so far. His many works have inspired many people. He is fortunate to live a modest and lavish lifestyle as of now. Details of his income and expenses are still under wraps at this time.

relationship status

David is very single from now. He was previously in a relationship. The popular artist prefers to keep his personal life private. Despite being a well-known personality, he does not like to talk about his personal life. He wants to keep his private and professional life separate.

Body status and social media

The American artist manages to keep fit and healthy. From now on he is there 5 feet 6 inches large at 71 kg. He has slightly curly black hair with unknown body measurements. There aren’t many details about his physique, but he sure is a healthy man.

David Choe

David Choe poses for a photo (Source: Instagram)

Regarding his social media status, he is active on Instagram and Twitter. He has around 542,000 followers Instagram and around 86,000 followers on Twitter. Most content is artistic and inspirational content. With many followers on social media, he has raised the hope of the audience.

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