Coronavirus: Next few weeks are ‘going to be hell,’ warns New Jersey governor

New Jersey’s governor has warned that despite the arrival of Covid-19 vaccines, the next few weeks in the US are “going to be hell.”

Democrat Phil Murphy said on Sunday that he was optimistic about the approval of Pfizer’s vaccine, with the first trucks rolling from the company’s Michigan plant.

But with coronavirus cases surging across the country, including in New Jersey, he urged people to protect themselves in the short-term.

“For all the good news, the light at the end of the tunnel, and the vaccine exemplifies that as much as anything, the next number of weeks are going to be hell, I fear,” Gov. Murphy said on ABC’s This Week.

“So we’re begging people to please, please, please don’t let your guard down, even when you’re in private settings.

“You know, we think somewhere between 60 to 80 percent of our transmission is in private settings right now.”

The politician urged people to sacrifice their normal Christmas gatherings this year and only celebrate with their immediate family.

“We know that stinks, but, please God, that’s your down payment on a more normal one next year,” said Gov. Murphy.

He said that he hoped that Moderna would also quickly get their vaccine approved by the government for emergency use.

“Remember, Moderna is up for their emergency use authorization this week. And, God willing, they get in,” he said.

“Then you’ve got not only increasing batches from Pfizer, you’ve then got a second vaccine coming online with shipments each week.

“And those larger populations will then be dealt with.”

An estimated 16.2 million people have tested positive for coronavirus in the US and more than 298,000 have died during the pandemic.

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