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Chuck Norris is an internationally recognized martial artist from America. Chuck Norris began in Missing Action and Return of the Dragon.

Early life

At March 10, 1940, Chuck Norris was born in Ryan, Oklahoma, USA. He is 81 years old and was born under the sun sign Pisces. He is American of mixed ethnicity (English-Irish-Scottish-Welsh-German). Norris was born to his mother, Wilma, and father, Ray Norris. His father was a mechanic, bus driver, truck driver and soldier of World War II. He has 2 brothers named Weland and Aron. When he was 6 years old, his parents divorced and he moved with his mother. He also attended North Torrance High School.

Chuck Norris

Caption: Chuck Norris with his mother. Source (Instagram)


In 1958, Chuck Norris began his career as an Air Police Officer. Therefore, he was sent to Osan Air Base in South Korea. And he developed an interest in martial arts. He later began training in Tang Soo Do and earned black belts. He continued to work as an Air Policeman with the March Air Force Bas. In 1962 he began working for Northrop Corporation. He was famous as a teacher and had several prominent students.

He also took part in various martial arts tournaments. Unfortunately, he lost his first two tournaments against Joe Lewis and Allen Steen. He also lost three of his fights at the International Karate Championships. But he refused to give up. In the 1960s, he won the title of Professional Middleweight Karate Champion from November 24, 1968 to 1974. After winning most tournaments, he won Karate’s Triple Crown.

More about careers

He was encouraged by Steve McQueen and decided to try his hand at acting. In 1969 he made his acting debut in the film The Wrecking Crew. During a martial arts demonstration, he met popular martial artist Bruce Lee. Later, in 1972, he appeared as “Colt” in Bruce Lee’s directorial debut, Way of the Dragon. He also began taking acting classes at MGM. In 1997 he had his first starring role in the action film Breaker! breaker!.

He later proved to be a bankable actor in the 1980s. He appeared in films like The Octagon, Lone Wolf McQuade, Code of Silence. And appeared in Hero and the Terror in 1988. In 1990 he created the martial art style Chun Kuk Do. It was translated as “The Universal Way”. In 1990 he was awarded the rank of 8th degree Black Belt Grand Master. He also became the first westerner in the history of Tae Kwon Do.

He similarly starred in the action crime drama television series Walker, Texas Ranger. In 2005, a TV movie titled Walker, Texas Ranger: Trial by Fire was made. He played his role as Cordell Walker in the film. In 2005, American humorist Ian Spector created The Chuck Norris Facts. After that, he began to gain more fame. He later went on a tour of the same name, visiting the troops in Iraq. In 2006 he published his first book The Justice Riders.

main works

He later released the sequel A Threat to Justice. He has also written a book, Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America. It was his political non-fiction book. And it was listed at #14 on the New York bestseller list. He also appeared in ads for T-World, World of Warcraft, and BZ WBK Bank. He later played the role of Booker in the film Expendables 2. The film also starred Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jason Statham.

In addition, he also became the face of the video game Chuck Norris: Bring On the Pain. He also produced Chuck Norris for Handys Non-Stop. He has worked for a number of brands including Hoegaarden Beer, United Healthcare, Hesburger, Cerveza Poker and Toyota. He was also a brand ambassador for Fiat Automobiles. Chuck’s net worth is $70 million and his annual salary is $250.00.

Personal life

Chuck Norris is married Gena O’Kelly. Gena is a former model and actress. On November 28, 1998, they tied the wedding knot. They were later blessed with twin daughters, Dakora Alan and Danielle Kelly. He was previously married to Dianne Holechek. And in 1963 they were blessed with children and divorced in 1989. While dating Dianne, he had an additional affair. From the affair he has a daughter named Dina. That’s how he met her daughter Dina when she turned 26.

Chuck Norris

Caption: Chuck Norris with his wife Gena. Source (Instagram)

Body measurement and social media

Chuck Norris has auburn hair color and blue eye color. Likewise he stands 5 feet 8 inches high. In addition, its weight is about 77 kg. He wears a shoe size of 9 US, but his dress size is not revealed. Also, Norris’ other body measurements are not revealed.

He is active on various social media accounts. in a (n Instagram Account he has 322,000 followers. And on his Facebook account, he has 7 million followers. He joined Twitter in June 2011 and has gained 144,000 followers.

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