C9 Sneaky – Bio, Age, Net worth, Height, Nationality, Body Measurements

C9 Sneaky is a famous American gamer, streamer and crossplayer from Winter-Spring. C9 Sneaky has taken the spotlight for their entertaining game streams.

Early Life and Childhood

Sneaky was born March 19, 1994 in winter spring, United States. His real birth name is Zachary Scuderi and his zodiac sign is Pisces. Zachary is currently 27 years old. He was born into a Caucasian family. However, his father’s name and his mother’s name are not currently available. He has a sister named Enna in his family. We’ll fill you in on Sneaky’s family background after a quick recap. From a religious point of view, Sneaky is a Christian.

Zachary transitioned into education and completed high school at a local private school, although the name of his school is not known at this time. After school, he joined Florida Atlantic University and graduated. Other than that, no information is available on Scuderi’s further academic details.

professional life

C9 sneaky cosplay

Caption: C9 Sneaky in a major gaming tournament (Source: Instagram)

C9 Sneaky went by the nickname SnEaKyCaStrOO in his early video game days, but he eventually changed it to Sneaky. He is also known as Sneaky Castro in the gaming industry. Before turning pro at League of Legends, he dabbled in Heroes of Newerth and World of Warcraft and has stated that he hopes to become a trainer in the future.

Aside from gaming, the gamer enjoys watching TV shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad. We also learned that C9 Sneaky is naturally left-handed but plays his games with his right hand and that he’s color blind, although this isn’t a problem as it doesn’t affect his gameplay.

C9 sneaky cosplay

Caption: C9 Sneaky cosplaying mobile legends (Source: Instagram)

He became known as a character of the opposite sex through cosplaying. These 5 cosplays were very well received by fans and audiences. Pizza Delivery Sivir from League Of Legends, Zero Two from Darling in the Franxx, Bowsette from Super Mario, Star Guardian Soraka from League Of Legends and Star Guardian Urgot from League Of Legends.

relationship status

Transitioning to relationship status, Sneaky is in a relationship with Lynne Ester. The couple started dating in 2019 and carry their relationship together. Also, the couple often share their photos and videos together on social media handles. moreover, Lyn is also a cosplayer like Sneaky.

C9 sneaky cosplay

Caption: C9 Sneaky cosplaying Pizza Girl (Source: Instagram)

body measurement

Speaking of body measurements, Sneaky has a pretty well shaped and trim body. The online game stream is very popular height of about 5 feet and 10 inches. He has a body weight of about 70 kg. Apart from that, there is no information about his height and measurements. We will update you on his height and measurement after Sneaky reveals his information.

Social Media and Wealth

Sneaky has over 1.8 million followers on Twitch and over 115 million views so far. He makes about $7,500 a month and $90,000 a year from Twitch. He also adds some cash to his net worth through his relationship with Cloud9. Also, he has over 229K Instagram Followers, which he must have gained through advertising work, sponsorships and endorsements.

In addition, Sneaky has accumulated an estimate net worth of around 3 million dollars. He made the most of his money through live broadcast sites like Twitch and YouTube. He has over 423,000 followers on YouTube, which means his annual earnings from YouTube range from $1,000 to $40,000.

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