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Boris Shakhlin was an amazing Soviet gymnast hailing from Ishim, the Russian SFSR. Boris Shakhlin was Olympic All-Around Champion in 1960 and World All-Around Champion in 1958.

Early life

It’s Shakhlin’s birthday January 27, 1932 and his birthplace is Ishim, Russian SFSR. Boris is a Russian citizen and his full name is Boris Anfiyanovich Shakhlin. Likewise, Boris Shakhlin’s zodiac sign is Aquarius. After a few years, becoming a popular gymnast, he became a journalist, nicknamed Iron-Boris.

As for his education, first Boris went to the Technical College of Physical Training in Sverdlovsk. Boris was also particularly sent by Alexander Mishakov in Kiev. After that, Shakhlin went to the Kiev Institute of Physical Culture and graduated in 1955.


Unfortunately, Boris Shakhlin passed away May 30, 2008 in Kiev, Ukraine. At the time, Boris Shakhlin was just 76 years old. The reason for the Russian athlete lies in his health condition. However, there is no further information about the death of Boris Shakhlin and other further information. Still, there are some memories and amazing performances from Boris Shakhlin that remind him of himself. In fact, it is these amazing feats that have kept Boris Shakhlin alive to this day.

Boris Shaklin

Caption: Boris Shakhlin at a young age (Source: Wikipedia)

career and working life

Boris Shakhlin began his gymnastics career at the age of twelve. According to the Encyclopædia Britannica, “He set a career record 10 individual titles at World Championships and also won gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games. His record of seven gold, four silver and two bronze medals at the Olympics made him one of the most decorated at the Games.” In 1956 Boris became the winner of 2 gold medals in Melbourne. The 1St was in horse racing along the arches and second was 2ndnd was that united with his club.

In addition, Boris Shakhlin came into the 8thth Position in overall status, behind fellow citizen Viktor Chukarin. Viktor is the first gymnast to win this test in two consecutive Olympic Games by Alberto Braglia in 1908 and 1912. In 1969, Boris Chukarin debunked his crown at the Rome Games, ahead of Japan’s Takashi Ono, with 0.05 points. Boris then secured his gold medal in a pommel horse match and went on to win on parallel bars.

He even got 2 silver medals in rings and squad grouping. In 1964, Boris’ last Olympic appearance was at the Tokyo Games. Then he got into 3rd gradeapprox Position in the overall group longer than Japan’s Yukio Endo claimed to take a win from the Soviet Union to 3rd placeapprox. Boris was even the winner of his just gold medal in high bar, just Olympic triumph for the Soviet election, and silver even snatched the bronze by ring testing and arrangement by cadres. After Tokyo, Boris refused to stop.


But in 1966 his age enticed him to take part in the World Cup, which was held in Dortmund. Then, after his retirement, Boris was elected President of the Ukrainian Gymnastics Federation. For sixteen years, Boris wanted a gymnast in a certain place in the Soviet Union who would fight for his place at the highest point in the world. Finally, Nikolai Andrianov defeated the Japanese monopoly in the joint and received the gold medal in 1976.

In 1968 he joined the FIG Men’s Technical Committee and was again a member of the Committee until 1992. Boris also worked as a lecturer at Kiev University in the 1990s and 2000s (decade). In 1956 Shakhlin received the Red Banner of Labor Award and in 1960 the Order of Lenin. Likewise, Boris received the name of an honorary native both on Ishim and in Kiev. In 2002, the Russian athlete was inducted into the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame.

In total, Boris became the winner of thirteen medals and added 7 gold medals at the Summer Olympics. At the 1960 Summer Olympics, Boris Shakhlin was the most effective and successful player of the 1960 Summer Olympics. Sakhalin was also the winner of the fourteen medals. At the age of 35, Boris retired from competition after suffering a heart attack. In addition, he worked for 24 years in the men’s technical committee of the International Gymnastics Federation and even as a lecturer at Kiev University.

Boris Shaklin

Caption: Performance by Boris Shakhlin at a competition (Source: Pinterest)

net worth

Boris Shakhlin has certainly made an amazing fortune from his professional career. Boris Shakhlin’s estimated net worth during lifetime was around $1.5 million. Likewise, Boris Shakhlin’s main source of income is his professional career as a Soviet gymnast. However, there is no information about the salary and net worth of Boris Shakhlin. The Russian athlete also lived a good and lavish life while living in Russia.

relationship status

Boris Shakhlin was married and his wife’s name is Larissa, who was also a gymnast. The Russian couple divorced and then remarried to each other. In addition, Boris and Larissa have a daughter with his wife Larissa, whose name is Irena. Apart from that, there is no further information about Boris Shakhlin’s relationship and love life as he has always been very secretive about it.

In addition, Boris Shakhlin has also never been involved in unwanted rumors and controversial affairs. In fact, Boris Shakhlin maintained a clean and good image of himself and his profession.

Boris Shaklin

Caption: Appearance of Boris Shakhlin (Source: The New York Times)

body measurement

As for Boris Shakhlin’s body measurements, he’s on good terms height of 1.71 m or 5 feet 7 inches. Boris Shakhlin also has a suitable body weight of around 71 kg or 157 lbs. Likewise, the Russian gymnast has a lean and muscular physique with a very attractive personality. However, there is no further information on Boris Shakhlin’s body measurements and shoe size.

The Russian gymnast had a light complexion with a pair of brown eyes and black short hair. As a professional athlete, Boris Shakhlin, of course, does sports every day and adheres to proper nutrition. So, during his lifetime, the Russian athlete was very healthy and always gorgeous.

social media

As for the social media part, Boris Shakhlin has never been active on any of the social media platforms. In fact, the Russian athlete does not have any social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. The main reason for this is that social media platforms were not that popular back then. Although Boris Shakhlin has been very popular on all social media platforms due to his amazing work. In fact, there are several fansites for the Russian athlete created by his fans in his memory.

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