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Saedemario is an African-American rapper best known for his subdued Instagram lives. Saedemario was used as a strategy and a lot of people started to get attracted to it. He is known as the world’s first muted rapper.

Early life

Saedemario is better known for his stage name than his birth name. Therefore, he has not revealed his maiden name or date of birth. Seems like he’s very private when it comes to his early life. His parents did not appear in public either. Also, he has chosen to keep his life private and has not revealed his educational background, parents, siblings, relatives and more.


Caption: Saedemario in his childhood photo. Source (Instagram)


Saedemario is an African-American rapper known as the world’s first mute rapper. It is said that he is not actually mute, but it is his strategy to attract millions of viewers. This is how his strategy has put him in the spotlight and a number of people around the world are listening to his music. In addition, he once got into a fight in a live video with rapper Flyysoulja. So he made fun of Flyysoulja and threatened him. He managed to attract media attention for being mute on his Instagram Live.


Caption: Saedemario during his video shoot. Source (Instagram)

People are starting to wonder if he’s actually mute or what he sounds like. Views on his YouTube channel also started increasing every day. On his social media, he shares pictures of himself, muted videos, and some videos of him rapping. He officially started his music career in 2019 and is leading it successfully. In 2019 he registered his self-titled YouTube channel. 2 years ago he uploaded his first video called My Glock Luvs Me. So far, the video has garnered 492,000 views and positive comments in the comment sections.

He later released his second video titled We The Reason and it received 186,000 views in it. He also posted videos like ZDAI, Play Wit Da Sticks, Muted. He also released a video titled Another Day with NBT Lil Jay. A year earlier he released audios such as “I Love You”, “Miami Heat” and “GRILLZ MADE IN 4 MINS”. He also uploaded his Shoe Collection, Silent Mukband, Cut Like Dat, Melly.

On his channel, he posted a video titled Wake and Bake for two months and received 29,000 views. Also, the channel has songs like DND (Do Not Disturb), Bigger Person, CRY, Move-in Silence. To date, he has 107,000 subscribers on his self-titled YouTube channel. And on his Instagram, he has 36.4k followers. Saedemario has built a successful career but his estimated net worth is not yet known.

Personal life

As mentioned earlier, Saedemario was a very private person and has not revealed anything about his life. Therefore, there is no idea if he is in a relationship or enjoying his singles Life. But he may be focused on his career advancement instead of being in a relationship.

In addition, he has built his successful career in a short period of time and has been admired by many people. And undoubtedly he was not involved in rumors and controversies. Likewise, he has stayed away from these scandals and is concentrating on his career. Therefore, there are also no rumors about relationships, dating and more.

Body measurement and social media

Saedemariois 5 feet 7 inches tall and its weight is not yet known. He also has black hair color and black eyes.


Caption: Saedemario poses for a photo. Source (Instagram)

Likewise, he has his Instagram Account called @saedemario_live with 36.4k followers in it. He also has his self-titled YouTube channel with 107,000 followers. Likewise, in his Facebook account, he has 434 followers. He joined Twitter in June 2015 with an account called @whoissaedemario and has 1927 followers. He is active on every social media platform but none of his accounts are verified.

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