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Ashley Soule is best known as the ex-girlfriend of the American internet sensation and gamer. Dan Bilzerian. Ashley Soule is currently a senior at Boise State. She is also the former girlfriend of Ryan Deluca, CEO of Let us know more about Soule’s personal life.

Early life

Unfortunately, there is no information about her date of birth, place of birth, etc. Likewise, her parents and the names of her siblings are not available. Despite this, Ashley has never publicly mentioned her ethnicity and nationality. Soules zodiac sign and religion information is not available through any information sources. Regarding her educational status, she has not provided any information about her high schools and universities.

Rise to Fame

No information is publicly available about Ashely’s professional life. Ashely has not disclosed her workplace and jobs. Ashley Soule is the ex-girlfriend of Dan Bilzerian. Dan is an American celebrity, proficient poker player, and occasional actor. An American celebrity belongs to Armenian descent from his father. Ashley Soule is having an affair with Ryan Deluca, CEO of

Ashley Soule and Ryan

Caption: Ashley Soule and Ryan Deluca (Source:

In addition, Ashley Soule has not spoken much about her personal life and affairs in public. Soule prefers not to make her information public in detail. Despite this, she doesn’t appear to have been in a relationship with anyone before.

Ashley Soule made her Instagram public and said so in the comments.

Soule said she got together with Dan because Ryan immediately flew her to the Austin city limits when she was 22. And slept with 2 fitness models from bodybuilding. Similarly, Ashley did it out of revenge for being hurt. Also, one of Dan’s ex-girlfriends posed for the photos she sent to Ryan.

In addition, she does not want to give any details. But it sucks that Soule has to be publicly humiliated for it. She also said it was her fault. Ashley was very hurt by Ryan and was immature about the breakup. She was honest with Ryan when she went there. They agreed to move on, but Ryan just couldn’t stop texting Dan. After that, Ryan Deluca dedicated himself to getting more social media followers than Dan Bilzerian.

Taking to Instagram, Ryan wrote: “I will have more followers than Dan by June 1st 2016 by doing good. By being a good person to the world. Shame on you all who follow idiots instead of good people. The countdown begins tonight.” Unfortunately, after seeing how many followers Dan has, Ryan changed his mind a bit. Aside from spending the next year of his life trying to get more internet followers than Dan shagged his ex, he decided to fix the internet.

net worth

Ashley’s boyfriend Dan Bilzerian has an estimated net worth of $200 million. Dan makes a tremendous amount of money playing poker. He started playing poker in 2009. One American player earned more than $50 million alone. And he also revealed that he won $10.8 million playing poker one night.

Body Measurements and Social Media

Speaking of Ashley’s body measurements, she was able to hold her body quite appropriately. Also, Soule has a great and attractive body structure. On the other hand, she has blonde hair and a pair of black eyes. However, other information such as height, weight, exact body measurements are not accessible.

Ashley Soule Height

Caption: Height by Ashley Soule (Source: Instagram)

Ashley is only active on Instagram. The username on her Instagram Account is @soul3baby. She also has more than 6,000 followers. However, she does not have her account on Facebook and Twitter.

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