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Aladar Gerevich was an amazing and well-known fencer who was considered “the greatest Olympic swordsman of all time”. Aladar Gerevich was the winner of 7 gold medals in saber at 6 different Olympic Games.

Early life

Aladar Gerevich’s date of birth is 16th March 1910 and his birthplace is Jászberény, Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungary. Gerevich is a Hungarian citizen and his zodiac sign is Pisces. Likewise, Aladar Gerevich’s parents are named Aladar Gerevich Senior and Iren Herczegh. Aladar Gerevich has been very secretive about his private life since the beginning of his career. Other than that, there is no information about Aladar Gerevich’s parents, siblings and studies. In addition, the Hungarian fencer must have studied and become increasingly interested in this athlete.

Aladar Gerevich

Caption: Aladar Gerevich at a young age (Source: SportHistoria)


Unfortunately, Aladar Gerevich passed away 14th May 1991, in Budapest, Hungary. At the time of Aladar Gerevich’s death, he was just eighty-one years old. It was after Aladar Gerevich retired while training fencing at Vasas Sports Club in Budapest where he died. Asteroid 228893 Gerevich, uncovered by Brigitta Sipőcz and Krisztián Sárneczky in 2003 at Piszkéstető station, was named in his memory. At 16th January 2014 the authorized citation of the name was printed by the Minor Planet Center.

career and working life

As already mentioned, Aladar Gerevich is considered one of the greatest saber specialists in the history of fencing. Aladar Gerevich has many world titles under his belt and an Olympic gold title in the individual group and also leads Hungarian dominance in this area of ​​fencing during a long career spanning more than 25 years. Gerevich was introduced to the art of this game at a young age. In fact, the Hungarian fencer was a member of the squad that led the European saber championships in 1931.

Aladar had by then presented the championship that would make him world famous. Likewise, at the 1932 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the team gold medal winner was together with Gyula Glykais, Erne NagyAttila Petschauer, Endre Kabos and also György Piller. This was the 1stSt of 6 consecutive Olympic gold medals in as many games, a feat that was never coordinated by the additional athletes. Also the 1St of the ten Olympic metals altogether that made up the Hungarian fencer between the years 1932 and 1960.

After receiving his 1St World Singles Champion in 1935, Aladar competed in the 1936 Berlin Games. There, Aladar took the bronze in the individual classification over Endre Kabos and the Italian Gustavo Marzi. When it looked like the next Olympics scheduled for Tokyo in 1940 would be the tougher contender for gold. But the 2nd World War II postponed his only singles Olympic title to the following 1948 Games, held in London. In the end, Aladar defeated Italy’s Vincenzo Pinton.

A bit more

At the 1952 Helsinki Games, Saber even won the singles, but this time Aladar Gerevich lost to fellow countryman Pal Kovacs. He then participated in the bronze through the foil group. Conscious of being one of the greatest supporters of the Hungarian sword school and a vision of method along with the weapon, Aladar joined the later era of Hungarian fencer glory in the early 1950s.

There he was together with a group of great saber fencers from admirers of Bertalan Papp, Rudolf Kárpáti, Tibor Bercelly or his own Pal Kovacs, and also with other fresh safes like Zoltán Horváth and Gábor Delneky. Along with these and other Hungarian school agents, Aladar Gerevich was the winner of the other 4 Olympic gold squads between the years 1948 and 1960. At the same time he also won the 6 world championships between the years 1951 and 1958.

In addition, Gerevich added two different gold medals to his widespread records in 1951 and 1955. He’s even swallowed up more than one big class like Italian competitor Edoardo Mangiarotti. After a sport-laden winning streak, Aladar retired at age 50. This happened with a new Olympic championship in the Rome Games in 1960. The games were against the Polish team and a very admirable presentation in the individual competition, rising a point on the entrances of the end.

Aladar Gerevich

Caption: Fencing by Aladar Gerevich (Source: Quizmaster Trivia)

net worth

Aladar Gerevich apparently earned well with his professional career as a fencer. The estimated net worth by Aladar Gerevich must be around $1 million. However, there is no information about the salary and net worth of Aladar Gerevich. But it is certain that the Hungarian fencer made money by participating and winning in several competitions. Aladar Gerevich evidently lived happily and luxuriously while he was alive.

relationship status

Gerevich was a married man and his wife’s name is Erna Bogen (aka Erna Bogathy). Together, Gerevich and Erna have a son named Pál Gerevich. Likewise, Aladar’s father-in-law is Albert Bogen, all winners of Olympic medals in fencing. Geverich’s father-in-law is also a silver medalist in team saber for Austria at the 1912 Summer Olympics. Erna and Gerevich’s marriage took place in 1938. Gerevich’s wife is a bronze in singles foil at the 1932 Olympics. Their son, Pal has also followed in their parents’ footsteps. Pal earned a bronze medal in the saber squad at the 1972 Munich and 1980 Moscow Olympics.

Aladar Gerevich

Caption: Aladar Gerevich prepares to fencing (Source: Alchetron)

body measurement and social media

As for the body measurements of Aladar Gerevich, he was always physically fit and healthy during his lifetime. Aladar Gerevich has a good one height of 1.77 m or 5 feet 10 inches. Likewise, the Hungarian fencer has a suitable body weight of about 78 kg or 172 lbs. The Hungarian fencer also had a medium complexion with a pair of brown eyes and black hair. Other than that, there are no other details on Aladar Gerevich’s body measurements and shoe size.

Speaking of the presence of Aladar Gerevich’s appearance on the social media platforms, he has not been active there. Aladar Gerevich does not have a Twitter account, Facebook or even an Instagram account. Since Aladar Gerevich has also never been active on social media platforms, he is not popular there. Despite this, Aladar Gerevich is very popular among people who know him because of his amazing works.

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